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    All Things Adrienne
      Best Jeans for Your Body Type

      Miss being able to have mi amigas over in real life, but hey watching us have fun trying on jeans together is the next best thing! _ JEANS: Rocky: Zara …

      All Things Adrienne

        What are your go-to jeans?


          Yasssss! Please continue this series. Could we get the best neckline, dress type, and shorts for your body type? All of your models have different bodies and this is so helpful!

          Thanks A 🍾


            This is really good. My body is definitely in between grace and Rocky’s body types. I’m tall with a little bit of curve. But I have definitely got two things thankfully for my mom which was wide hips and a little bit of butt.


              Adrienne popped out in the bell bottoms and I screamed “CMON CHANELLLLLLL” to my laptop

              Jessica Love

                But everyone's shoessssss!

                Jackie Charlene

                  Adrianna looks AMAZING

                  Wilfredo A Nunez Pacheco

                    “Beauty Influencer” is a legit job nowadays?! Yikes…


                      I mean really…every person Adrienne knows looks AMAZING!!!!! How does one come across and entire BOMB squad 🤔❣️

                      Talia Tilly

                        Adrienne has lost a lot of weight! We need a how she did it video


                          Uniqlo usually has great stretchy jeans!

                          I’m One

                            Beautiful mami , que chula . Big kiss 💋💋🤙

                            La Manta’s Life

                              Love that you had different body types . Mine would be like Lana's body plus I just love Lana 💙

                              Maritza Holguin

                                Hahaha having tiny waists is such a great issue to have 😂😂😂 I wish! LOL

                                fio •

                                  Imagine if they made the first Disney Latina Princess and Adrienne voice acted her! Even more, imagine if the princess was Ecuadorian/Puertorican 😩

                                  Juana Guerra

                                    Loved the video! Please do one for summer dresses please!

                                    Synthia Sadio

                                      I am Adrienne body type she's a pear petite which they call triangle

                                      Nikki Centeno

                                        I'm built like A and always stayed away from bell bottoms and after seeing this I'm definitely going to get myself some

                                        Kayla Massey

                                          Lana is my favorite! She’s always a mood

                                          Dying for Color

                                            Jeans are cute but why they always put curvy girls in dark wash jeans. I want to see more lighter jeans on curvy jeans. 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                            Gymnastics Lover

                                              The video editing is the best!! So funny, unique and personal! I had such a good time watching

                                              Wokie B.

                                                My favorite pair of jeans of from Old Navy…their jeans are amazing.


                                                  This was a great video! I love my hips too Adrienne.🙌🏽💕💕

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