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      Best of 2019: Skincare Favourites

      All details and product links below! Belated Happy New Year to you all – remember you can find hundreds of beauty reviews here: …

      Gwen Massey

        More with Lisa please. 💐💐

        Gillian Pidler

          Yes plz to the make up! Happy New year Ruth xx

          Barbara Mrozowski

            Yes, makeup favorites from 2019!

            Kimberlee Stern

              We share several favorites including the Hada Labo and Inkey list products. Looking forward to hearing you on the Outspoken Beauty podcast! 💋. And yes please. Makeup favorites and Lisa back on 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

              nathalie zondag

                i enjoyed your video! bioderma has a face cream called atoderm which is in my opinion better than cicaplaste, it is like light enough in texture and repairs and protects the skin so was so cold here in canada and i used it morning and night, and it chases away dullness and dryness..and the price is reasonable..i bought the dr sam for my 17 year old son who has moderate acne, and i must say his kin has improved..i truly enjoy this brand

                Madam Butterfly

                  love your hair colour! what do u use? thank u

                  Nancy Fielden

                    Yes, all, your favorites please! 😘

                    Erika Morelli

                      Aww I missed your videos! I was wondering if you would do best of kids skincare. My girls have horrible eczema and I am always on the hunt for good stuff.

                      Nancy Fielden

                        Happy new year Ruth!

                        Mystery Rosebud

                          A make-up favourites would be great, thanks.


                            “Melted Jellyfish” 😂😂😂 Oh Ruth, I have missed you! Yes please to a makeup favourite video xxx

                            Debra Doherty

                              You are an absolute scream 😂 yes please do a makeup review thanks 🙏🏻

                              L Harris

                                Make up favourites – YES PLEASE RUTH!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏💄👌😘

                                jane corrigan

                                  Yay,, she's back 😍😍😘

                                  Elizabethann Ferrario

                                    I swear by had a laba I use this lotion every night and it’s still going strong six months later it’s fabulous! Yes cheap but very potent I use the ordinary I have several bottles of serums again use them every night great !

                                    Hannah Lawrence

                                      Happy New year Ruth, lovely to see you, always love your videos ❤️

                                      Jo Stead-Burgess

                                        What eyeshadow are you wearing please? It's stunning 🙂

                                        Lisa Hide

                                          I also love Dr Sam’s FM, the texture is gorgeous but in the winter months doesn’t always hydrate enough. How does the Dr Roebrook’s compare? Which is more hydrating? Just curious. Great to see you back 😘 x

                                          Kirsty Jones

                                            The May Lindstrom balm looks like a pricey dupe for Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream which is amazing, and now conveniently available in a tube (very handy when travelling).

                                            Abigail Maes

                                              Love your make up! Especially the eyeshadow. Is it one of the CT eyes to mesmerize ones?

                                              j carmichael

                                                Happy New Year Ruth- looking ‘gorg’ as usual 👍.
                                                Could you do a children’s products favourites?? You mentioned oilatum and duprabase but suncreams, shampoos etc

                                                Just a thought, 🙋🏼‍♀️

                                                Louisa Holland

                                                  Yes yes yes

                                                  Sarah Jane

                                                    Fab to see you back, hope you enjoyed the break. Yes please for the makeup Favorite. Please can you tell me what lipstick you are wearing, looks lovely xx

                                                    Aoife Carr

                                                      Welcome back! I’d love to see a make up favourites video.

                                                      Eye Pod

                                                        Your skin is gorgeous!!


                                                          Wow, you llike Lara Stone a lot with your hair that length, just gorgeous. x

                                                          Kelly Lovegrove

                                                            Always fun to see you! All favorites are welcome.💗

                                                            Sarah Li

                                                              First 🤪🙌😊

                                                              Jane Michiel

                                                                welcome back 🙂

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