BEST RENO EPISODE YET $$$ Shopping for tiles, floorboards, stone, taps & more!

Main BEST RENO EPISODE YET $$$ Shopping for tiles, floorboards, stone, taps & more!

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    Sarahs Day
      BEST RENO EPISODE YET $$$ Shopping for tiles, floorboards, stone, taps & more!

      Welcome to episode 5 of our renovation series! This series documents our journey in designing, renovating and creating out DREAM family home!! Of course …

      Natalee Surman

        This house is going to turn out amazing! I love watching these reno episodes and can’t wait to see what else you guys do with it

        Kim Overall

          Blah blah blah, calm down people! Anyone would think these people are funding your reno! I feel for you guys at times like this, keep up the awesome work & the amazing vlogs coming ✌🏼

          Brielle Pond

            I love seeing the process of choosing everything! 😆😆

            Ania Kozłowska

              It's not just Sarah in this relationship and even if it seems like she's just like I want this and that and all, they propably talked a lot behind the cameras about how they want their new house to look like and if Kurt really didn't want something he would've said that 😉

              Kate Newport

                I loved this! I was crying with laughter "You have a miscellaneous shirts drawer??" You're definitely keeping me smiling through lockdown!

                Sydney Delix

                  “Omg you should all get an interior designer”. Uhhm yeah I barely have money to come around each month an feel really guilty when I go out for a coffee once in a while. So forget the interior designer haha. Bet it will look great though haha 🙂


                    I wish I had this video when I was renovating! It's such a stressful and overwhelming process, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. You are lucky to have Kurt and a designer! So excited to see the house finished !

                    Jasmine Gleeson

                      I love you Sarah, Im sorry that you have received critism for this video. You both work incredibly hard and its your first renovation you guys deserve to get everything you want because its your house. Enjoy the process 🙂

                      Sjuzana S.

                        Huge recommendations for you guys. I know most Australian homes doesn't have this but build underfloor heating to your bathrooms! So, so, sooo needed in the winter days. You can turn it off any time or have it in a very low heat so it's nice to step on after shower, also, takes humidity away. It's a must need in all North European countries. When living in Australia I totally felt that its so needed and couldn't understand why even new buildings doesn't have it… You will love it👌👌👌❤️

                        Sophie Xia

                          Hey Sarah! For the leather booth seats, the position is facing towards the sun exposure – could it potentially overtime crack the leather as it comes more prolonged to the sunlight?

                          Zoë Porter

                            Oh no. PLEASE DON’T GET THAT KIND OF BATHROOM SINK. We lived in a new build hone for two years and were blurry clean people. The sinks were that oval sort like the ones you chose. So annoying to clean behind them and got very dirty over time even when cleaned.

                            Silver Rumor

                              Hi Sarah, I am a sustainable Vancouver, Canada artist and I was thinking one of my pieces would be amazing for your design style!

                              Here's a link to the piece I had in mind but I am creating new art all the time!

                              If you ever want to check me out I'm on Instagram and Etsy @SilverRumorGallery

                              I hope you're doing well and staying safe! Absolutely love you channel! You inspire me everyday!

                              Shannon Oliver

                                I loveeee the pink tile! 🙁
                                I feel like the 'white on white on white' look is so overdone and already well on the way to being outdated, won't be modern at all in 5 years!

                                Mathilda Rose

                                  The house looks SO SICK and we all can't wait to see the finished product!!!

                                  Isabella Stroes

                                    Pink stone for sure!

                                    Sophia Padorfski

                                      too much white in your house is gonna be sooo glarry and gross…

                                      Yvonne Dreyer

                                        Loved it

                                        Emma Antiporta

                                          This was actually so hard to watch. I want, I need, I love, I hate, I’m getting, I need to decide. Don’t think I heard you say we or consider Kurt once. P.s can’t wait for Fox to put his grubby little hands all over all the everything white.

                                          Zoe Duggan

                                            I love the aged darker leather! I think it will feel more luxurious than the orange one

                                            Jaime McKenzie

                                              I am SO EXCITED to see how this house looks when it's done! It will definitely be the inspo for my home when I have one! I cannot believe Sezzy doesn't like the terracotta tile rock for outside! For me that STOOD OUT as being something should would have loved! Either way i love both the white and the stone anyway! Yay!

                                              Merina P

                                                I love it all!!! Do not listen to peoples hate because you like what you like Sarah and that is okay!!! But I do agree with your hubby on the shower stones!! Can’t wait for the final reveal!

                                                Abby Brown

                                                  deffiniatly the pink tile for outside!!! there'll be so much white from the sounds of things and it'll break it up

                                                  Olivia Rowan

                                                    Just wanted to thank you for making content that is actually super handy for a uni student studying interior Architecture. Just wanted to let you know that these videos mean heaps to people like me. Xx letting me see more into my future haha


                                                      I'm personally offended by her saying "I hate grey" hahahahaha and the terra-cotta stone 100%

                                                      Nina – pflanzlichgesund

                                                        no leather please 😭

                                                        Maia Gardi

                                                          Loving the reno eps!

                                                          Tayla’s LifeStyle

                                                            Your literally building MY dream home! Love it! 😍😍

                                                            Monica Flores

                                                              You missed the opportunity to put “FOX – BABY” in the intro


                                                                Omg YES do those cool funky morrocan pink tiles on the outside shower 100%!!!! Will look sooo cool

                                                                Amanda Lewis

                                                                  Ok this was FUN!!!! Loved every second of this ✨🙌🏻

                                                                  Tara Thomassen

                                                                    Omg this ep was so entertaining to watch! 😀 I'd be much the same taking charge of the interior design vision. It's got to be aesthetically pleasing! Love the terracotta tile for the outside shower but perhaps it'd be too salmon-y and a compromise between that and the white could be a light tan kind of colour so it's not so white everywhere. Personally though I love a white look – it's the decor that breaks up the white!


                                                                      Can you link you pinterest for house inspo

                                                                      Ruby Cherie Coaching

                                                                        SARAH YOU REMIND ME OF THAT DISNEY FILM (was it cinderella) where they ask "this colour or this colour" and they look the same hahahaha GOLD

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