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    A Model Recommends
      Best Supermarket Skincare Buys

      My instagram: @modelrecommends – Some brilliant skincare buys that you can find in the supermarkets – great if …

      nicola offert

        A bit random but during the recent nice weather I bought a Banana Boat spf50 sunscreen only because I couldn't get my usual one. Well, it's lovely. There is absolutely no greasyness and it leaves my skin soft and moisturised. It completely sinks in so I don't even know I've got sunscreen on. I love it !
        Keep safe, love from the Isle of Wight 😘😘


          Yes please to sun cream video! I need a supermarket dupe for the La Roche Posay face sun cream xx

          Jen the bubble

            I cannot recommend Simple oil cleanser and freederm overnight skin repair cream. It has very few ingredients but the second ingredient is glycerin and the third is niacinamide. It’s a beautiful cream and although I don’t have acne the texture of my skin is so much better! I got it in Asda but I’ve seen it in all the big supermarkets as well as boots and Superdrug. For day the simple triple protect spf 30 moisturiser is a winner too. I reacted to their other spf 30 cream but not this one. Lovely and light but plenty of moisture. 👍😉


              That's the kind of content I need right now. Highly useful! So low on my fave cleanser right now.

              irish jen

                Would love a supermarket SPF , for oily skin that sits well under makeup ? Loved this video Ruth x

                Kathy Behan

                  4.31am watching after taking more paracetamol as I've the virus. Love that colour on you it makes your face come alive xx

                  Tracey Wright

                    Supermarket (or any drugstore) sunscreen review would be fab please. Especially for oily skin, now that I know the sunscreens in cosmetics don't provide the protection you really need xx

                    A Banks

                      Great 1st cleanse Boots Your Good Skin Comforting Gel Cleanser! It’s a gel-to oil-to milk style cleanser, so like the Curel or the Ordinary cleansers.

                      Noora Hamdan

                        You make me feel calm <3


                          OMG Ruth! Could not stop staring at your gorgie necklage all video long! Where is it from? Lots of love from Romania, Ana.

                          Lucia Sojkova

                            Can you tell us where’s your necklace from please? 🙂 thank you

                            helen fearnley

                              This is a good one. Affordable supermarket.

                              halfa mo

                                Love these supermarket ones! Ruth, could you please please do a good spf tinted moisturiser? Something that evens skin tone and has enough spf not to wear anything else and will plump up because my skin feels parched for some reason in lockdown. I've got about 2 minutes before children interrupt and much as I love them… Thank you and stay safe xx

                                Nicola BW

                                  Might give that hyluronic acid a go. I also really love the L’Oréal extraordinary oil cream for anyone who has a dry skin, or mature skin like mine, it’s absolutely lovely. Ps love the tee! xx

                                  Denise Wouters

                                    Thanks Ruth – very informative video.

                                    Mary Clusker

                                      Thank you! Really helpful video. Can you do one on supermarket spfs.

                                      LN Box&Co

                                        Hi dear, love Nip+fab and their pads and dragon blood serum

                                        Yasmin Maley

                                          So good to see a video from you!! ❤️

                                          Louisa Johnson

                                            Very helpful and timely!

                                            Julia Harley

                                              Great video.SPF video would be great I’m currently testing the simple radiance booster which has a spf 30

                                              Daniela Lutea


                                                A Woman of a Certain Age

                                                  CeraVe Hydrating cleanser + moisturiser in the tub.

                                                  Fiona Midgley

                                                    Pretty t shirt Ruth. You look gorgeous in that colour. X


                                                      Love your videos! Greetings from Germany!


                                                        cool content bro


                                                          amazing video keep up the amazing content


                                                            Very helpful video, thank you Ruth!


                                                              amazing video I loved it


                                                                So helpful! Thank you lovely, hope you're doing well xx

                                                                Liz D

                                                                  thank you, great info


                                                                    Aldi do some good skin care too. I really like their Q10 night cream – used it for years.


                                                                      I swear I was thinking the other day "hmm I wish Ruth would do another one of her supermarket skincare videos"😍😍😍😍😍😍 kisses!

                                                                      Dawn Adams

                                                                        Thanks Ruth 💗 xx

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