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      Today I’m talking about some drugstore makeup that doesn’t receive enough attention, these products are incredible and totally worth buying. xo’s ~ Tati SAVE …

      Jaqueline Janosi

        The brand of your nailpolish please + colour 🙂 it is so pretty

        Lamar Andreas

          You monster…

          Dee Shells

            Omg I can’t believe you reviewed kokie cosmetics! I think they’re so underrated I love their concealer (yes even more than that Tate shape – not a fan of it ) but yes I love their make up !

            Samantha Quinio

              Can you review some more drugstore stuff from unpopular brands?

              Stella’s Recipe_Food Stylist TV

                Bless u ☺️

                Kelly Gardner

                  Hi Tati! In the drop-down/description you accidentally copy-pasted the same product name for Physician's Formula and The Creme Shop! Just wanted to letcha know so you could fix it! <3 <3 <3

                  Amanda Guaren

                    I sneeze really loud too! I scare people all the time 😩


                      Elf is fantastic

                      family busker

                        Great video ! Everything you recommend is always great! Thanks

                        Chrissy’s World

                          Why you didn't apply the make up?


                            The sneeze killed me laughing lol lol , by the way I love your videos 😘

                            Casey Shupe

                              Where do I find these $10 brushes I want them!

                              C W

                                I am a very aggressive sneezer!!

                                Soraya Lea

                                  Everytime one of my female officemate makes a hilarious sound when she's sneezing, the other male officemate will make a cat's big sound following, then the rest of officemate will laugh out loud 😆

                                  Erin Carrasco

                                    Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

                                    Iriskenia Fernandez

                                      seeing 11 means jesus is calling you to him.. He is trying to reach you, spend some times with him. He might be trying to warn you about something. Actually, I think its because your struggling with something that has been making you cry, and Jesus sees your pain, and wants to help. Wait on the Lord.

                                      Iriskenia Fernandez

                                        I just bought the blendiful lol everyone has said it was easy to use… I might just wash all my brushes and put them away.

                                        Amanda Domangue

                                          Is it just me or does it seem Tati is just a little off from herself in this video? I mean I love you regardless Tati ! Your wonderful and beautiful, just hope everything is okay boo ❤️😘 regardless even if everything is fine or isn’t keep your head up beautiful we all love you ❤️❤️


                                            I don’t know if she’s already done this but I would love a video on what the best brushes out there are!!!


                                              Tati’s mom: “Find Grandma an eyebrow pencil.”

                                              Tati: “I don’t have one.”

                                              . . . “but I have a good recommendation.”

                                              You’re a literal Beauty Guru and CEO of two company’s; send her one for Christ’s sake.

                                              Dottie Hinkle

                                                Your skin looks great!

                                                Andrea Reddrea

                                                  Numerology hun
                                                  Live has unfinished goals so it’s kind of like a crazy eight. U have a lot of tasks that you are working on and it’s keeping you focusing on one at a time.

                                                  Christi Posner – Home Economist

                                                    Your sneeze sounds like you accidentally stepped on a husky’s paw.

                                                    Luna Sedai

                                                      Of course that elf highighter isn't available in UK, why am i not suprised… It's ridiculous when companies release products restricted to a certain part of the world.

                                                      Tay Bee

                                                        These videos make me so sad because so many of the products aren't sold in Canada 😭 I envy Americans and some of the brand's we don't get over here lol

                                                        Sara Guilani

                                                          Hi Tati. What color is the koki bronzer ?

                                                          Single Mom Swag

                                                            Y’all she is pregnant I can tell by how she looks lol. Just saying I’m pretty much a psychic

                                                            Jade Ayla

                                                              I would love for you to do a 'best shoulder/body highlighters from the drugstore' video! Summer is getting in sight 😍

                                                              Michelle Wiggy

                                                                Wow she can talk she went from no 11to elephants

                                                                Allyson Richardson

                                                                  Any other eye shadow primers besides Nars that you recommend?

                                                                  Mireya Romero

                                                                    The timing of that lash pop was perfect. 😂
                                                                    Also, that lip shade looked amazing on you. Amazing. Like Barbie vives amazing.

                                                                    Jennifer Shank

                                                                      Okay, I died laughing when you sneezed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I too sneeze like what sounds like a freight train, so I love you even more!!!

                                                                      Cindy Lopez

                                                                        She mentioned nikkia!!! Yass I love nikkia oily skin queen

                                                                        Dolsie Mercado

                                                                          You are so lovely. The way you talk about other brands so professionally.

                                                                          Hovie Hov

                                                                            I got that elf noor highlight for THREE DOLLARS on sale at Ulta!!!

                                                                            Christine Alvanos

                                                                              Where and when was the elf shadow $5.00? I can’t find it

                                                                              Emily Pena

                                                                                I was looking for the Nabela Noor brushes and they are actually $20. I don’t know if the price changed since you did the video. Just wanted to let you guys know

                                                                                laci jepson

                                                                                  Essence has new stuff right now too!!

                                                                                  Megan Moilanen

                                                                                    yesss this video came right in time! I just decided I really need to budget spending and spending $24 on an eyeliner is just not going to cut it anymore, gonna buy that doll face liner when my current one runs out!

                                                                                    Heather Campbell

                                                                                      Swipe down on the right corner of your iPad to bring down the control menu. you'll find volume there. 😊

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