Best & Worst DRUGSTORE MAKEUP of 2019 … Save Your Money!

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      Best & Worst DRUGSTORE MAKEUP of 2019 ... Save Your Money!

      Here’s the Best & Worst DRUGSTORE MAKEUP of 2019! xo’s ~ Tati Save w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES 🥝 » » » …

      Griselda Acosta

        Hair Tutorials plase🙏😍😍😍

        Lena Sab

          Could you try the Milk Flex Highlighter?
          Love these kind of videos.

          Kathie Hanlon

            Does anyone know if Tati has reviewed Believe Beauty foundation etc.? I couldn't find any on her playlist.. I went back 8mths. If not Tati will you review this line?

            Vanessa Smalls

              I think the Revlon Candid Foundation needs to be in a bigger package it's too small and there's not really that much product. :/

              rilana martens

                Ich liebe tati für ihre Persönlichkeit aber leider fängt sie an auszusehen wie alle anderen ,dicke Enten Lippen und irgendwie schon operiert … einfach plastisch und das zerstört die eigentliche Schönheit von einem Menschen. Ich weiß nicht ,der Druck muss wohl so groß sein, dass alle das einzig wichtige vergessen. Sie brauchen es wirklich nicht !

                Victoria Portelle

                  Sorry, but that ELF Flawless Finish foundation is great!

                  Victoria Portelle

                    Tati – try lighter fluid to get makeup stains out of clothing & fabric . Funeral service trick.

                    Enrish Cakes

                      To remove foundations from clothing try using dish soap. Specifically dawn dish soap. It is hard core but still gentle enough to be used on pets. So it will be awesome


                        Does anyone know where her top is from?


                          When I first started watching this I thought “I need to get a blouse like that, why don’t I have more blouses” then I thought “wait, do I not like that blouse”? and you called it a Howdy Dudy blouse! Lol! I swear it morphed at some point during this video! Lol

                          hannah west

                            I would love for you to test the Bambi eye mascara from L’Oréal! I’ve been wanting to try it but not sure if it works!!

                            Robbie Magill

                              Full face of nyx or hard candy?

                              Madeliene Aberle

                                Please please PLEASE video on the brand hipdot? I keep seeing them everywhere but I haven’t seen anyone I trust in the makeup world actually talk about them, Their shadows and glosses look nice and stunning but I’m still on the fence as I haven’t heard how they preform yet


                                  Hey there! I’m binge watching all these drugstore videos because I’m broke and it would be super cool if you could separate the best and worst products in the description? I’m screen shotting but the worst are mixed in the best and I don’t remember which ones which when I’m shopping! PS the prices in the description are VERY helpful!

                                  Jelissa Jaynes

                                    Your hair looks amazing and your glowing 🥰

                                    Renee Zeiner

                                      Hey Tati, Rimmel has one really good mascara. It usually comes in a two pack at Walmart for $4 and it's my go to! Black package with a little bit of silver. You should definitely try it 😍🤗

                                      Michelle Thong

                                        Tati, ur hair & make up are poppin😍

                                        Sharon Socoloski

                                          Your so Gorgeous, Tati!! Inside and Outside!

                                          Samantha Gaudet

                                            Great video. You never disappoint. All the best in 2020.


                                              Really great video and products! Love all the details! Thanks for the time and energy!

                                              Sam Heyenrath

                                                You should try the new BB cream by Covergirl! it comes in a pink container. I just purchased some but I am interested to see what you think.

                                                Kelsey Conover

                                                  Please do a video on your skin care/anti aging routine❤️

                                                  Sarah R

                                                    Am I the only one who thinks Tati resembles Carli Bybel in this video? So gorgeous!

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