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      BEST & WORST FOUNDATIONS | Luxury & Drugstore

      Today I’m dishing on all my Foundation faves and fails, let me know all of yours in the comments below. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …


        What happened to Laura Mercier?

        Berry Ash

          tati! I have been watching you for 4+ years.. I was wondering if you can recommend a foundation for my wedding day coming up in April! My skin is normal to dry. Black heads but no acne scars or hyper pigmentation to cover so light to medium coverage is fine but not against full coverage. Maybe dewy or natural finish? please help me it would be so cool to have you recommend something for my big day! love you so much Westbrook family<3

          Mathilde G

            This comes at a perfect time, I need a new foundation 😍.

            Danisha HipHop Mom

              Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              lauren m

                How do you clean/sanitize your palette??

                Kat Potapenko

                  what foundation can cover my fear of intimacy?

                  Love Thebestgift


                    Mahsa Athar

                      Hi tati، don't bother about other low life people comments ,do whatever you do , live your life , love you so mushβ€πŸ’‹β€

                      Ahmed Gamingtube

                        Love you Tati ❀️❀️🌹

                        Ava Manganiello

                          Review Laura Mercier's new dewy foundation!!!


                            I did try that L'OrΓ©al foundation and…I thought I looked cakey!! I like a more dewy finish and that one made not look me natural! I also bought a way too light color..I'm tempted to repurchase the right color cause you keep praising it and I can't accept the fact that I'm the only one not liking it πŸ˜…

                            Mermaid Monica

                              Perfect timing Tati! I just finished my foundation and need to find a new one that’s better. πŸ™πŸ»


                                That thumbnail tho!! This whole look is gorgeous!!!!

                                Helly Soni

                                  More boobra videos please…
                                  Like if you want them too πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
                                  Love you Tati ❀

                                  Jessica Piepoli

                                    How did you get rid of your acne? Love u😘

                                    Heather Surine

                                      80's vibes from this makeup/jacket❀❀❀❀


                                        like a cup of coffee for the face, why was that so real? i don’t even drink coffee. hehe. love you tati!!

                                        Mey Nari

                                          Fellow pale-faced peeps! I come here with a question. What's the palest, affordable drugstore foundation you've ever had and maybe the one mentioned by Tati?
                                          My skin is literally white, with neutral undertones. I have a hard time finding my shade in Europe, even Nyx's drops in lightest shade are too dark for me.

                                          Rachael Whitney

                                            I love videos about foundation! I had the same experience you did with hourglass liquid. Just not for me. Stick please! Dior Backstage is my current go to. Easy to blend out and stays put all day for me. I’ve really been wanting to try the Beauty Blender, L’OrΓ©al freshwear and Kasos. Thank you for all your hard work! xoxo

                                            Moanna Silva

                                              What about the Catrice foundation?! That looked absolutely A M A Z I N G on you! πŸ₯°

                                              Linda Quinn

                                                I need a tutorial on that eye makeup!

                                                Courtney Supergan

                                                  Bought my L’OrΓ©al foundation on Amazon for $11.99. It’s the only foundation so far that actually looks nice on my skin.


                                                    I don't like the eyeshadow…..womp womp… just my opinion…… distracting from the entire video,lol.sorry.

                                                    Jourdan B.

                                                      Thank you Tati!!! I got most of my make up from watching your videos, and the make up work beautifully. I take your opinions seriously. Tati Fan For Life!!! <3

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