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      Here are all of the Best NEW (& Worst) Foundations … with a few honorable mentions! xo’s ~ Tati ✓ S N A P C H A T …

      Sharon Ho

        Not sure if I'm alone on this but would actually love to see a tutorial with your palette! There are heaps on YT already, but I feel like one from the creator would be different! Sharing how you use the different textures etc. It's my first influencer palette and love supporting you! X

        adrienne leblanc

          I do like the on the couch vibe for like information giving an a studio for make application an so on

          Brittany Lawrence

            What lashes are you wearing??

            Emily Khine

              Gosh Queen 👸 Tati you are as gorgeous as ever! I hope you and your family are keeping safe and taking care during this difficult time. 💚 you! 🌸

              Cathy Priebbenow

                Would love a concealer video just like this one. Also I would love a “what works best with what” products video.

                Mel Fryer

                  Yes please I’m living for concealers at the moment ❤️. I agree about the Freshwear I’m finally able to wear primers that hated my other foundations

                  Triveni Arora

                    I just love her so much!🥰💜

                    Linzee Salazar

                      You are just a brat that is jealous to anybody

                      Lemon Dew

                        Love the video! I've had to shop online for my makeup these last few weeks so I base myself on your reviews! I'm not in quarantine since I'm an essential worker but this is how I deal with things… I show up to the hospital with holo taco on my nails and a full face of makeup to make it through these rough nights. 💜

                        Nicole Rivera

                          I think we all needed this escape from all this reality! This video just calmed my anxiety thank you Tati !

                          tamar issa

                            A skin care routine video would be appreciated. I’m having problems with dry skin for the moment

                            tamar issa

                              Hi, please make a hair tutorial video. Your hair always looks bomb.

                              Edwina Toilolo

                                I love this look especially the lip color. But am I trippin or is her bottom lip color uneven? Like the left side is more over-lined than the right side? It’s distracting me and I need to know if anyone else sees it or if i’m trippin lol

                                Kennedy Keeys

                                  Tati! You are absolutely GLOWING. Also, love the background switch up ❤️ hope you are staying safe

                                  Allyson Drake

                                    Love these type of videos! Would love a concealer video! 😊😊😊

                                    Ashley Watson

                                      Full face birth blender products 😋

                                      Ashley Watson

                                        SEATTLE HOUSETOUR!!!!😍

                                        Stoner 420

                                          My luxery item is Bambi eye maskara hahaha 19$ to verry luxery for me 😅😭

                                          Zaira Mamedova

                                            I have really oily skin, but i have never used pouder for touch ups. I wonder why people don’t use special matting nepkins😅 they really do help

                                            terri jeffcoat

                                              @glamlifeguru I would love to see you compare these products to different skin types. As you often say this is not good on my skin…perhaps say or do a video stating ok this didn't work for me but it may be good for someone with such and such skin type. I think it would make it more relatable to everyone. Just a thought.

                                              chloe reed

                                                I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bite beauty foundation. So much so I have added it to my freelance kit. It is awesome on mature skin and most skin types. It's such a beautiful finish and fabulous for bridal

                                                Teresa Mendez

                                                  Ugh Tati your face makes me so happy! We love youuu!

                                                  Anna Ma

                                                    Hi Tati, when would you restock the Tati Beauty eyeshadow palette this year? I really want to get one (づ ●─● )づ

                                                    Adriana Ortiz Gomez

                                                      The cushion foundation you metion, looking for that review 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

                                                      Emmy Chon

                                                        :does anyone else see the shadow at 8:53


                                                          i love and miss these type of videos 🙂

                                                          Jennifer Stark

                                                            So the Dior airflash is like the spray paint from "Death Becomes Her" and if you haven't watched that movie you need to!

                                                            shey sam

                                                              I love your set up, you look much more relax.

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