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      BEST & WORST OF: Pat McGrath

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you my personal opinion on the best & worst of Pat Mcgrath! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

      Krystal Delgado

        Also would love to see this kind of video, but with you doing your makeup WITH the products you love! 😍😍

        With brands like Hourglass, Charlotte Tilburry, NARS, Marc Jacobs

        Krystal Delgado

          Ok wait, is anyone else dying for a tutorial on her makeup she’s rocking in this video?! 😍😍😍😍 ps need those lip liners 👌🏼 and that under eye powder


            You shouldn't feel bad about saying you don't like a product from a brand – the brand is not the person, and not blindly agreeing with everything a brand/person/group says and does, in my opinion, shows a much healthier relationship than those who do (particularly with celebrities). And I love your best/worst of videos, please keep doing more Kathleen!! (:

            Kalli Fuhrer

              Okkkkk the chat with the puppers in the end 👌🏻🥰

              SIYI LIU

                The eye shadow is soooo gorgeous. Wish to have a tutorial about it.

                Krithika Shelvarajen

                  Hey upload videos on makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & Summer Vs Winter bridal makeup please


                    The way you speak is so entertaining! ❤️

                    I post the same content on my channel and would love for you guys to check it out! ❤️

                    Rae Lynn

                      Hey Kathleen
                      Please do a video dedicated to the Blitz Astral Quad
                      Thank you in advance 😘
                      Hope all is well with you and your family…. Stay safe and healthy ❤️

                      Ellen Grace

                        starts at 3:55

                        Meagan Jefferson

                          Looove these videos so much ; the only thing I think you should change is you should add the price of every item not just some.


                            Anyone who makes a choice to pay this much money for makeup is foolish. Unless you make 6 figures and have money coming out of your ass you go for it.

                            Marva Durrani

                              OMG we need a tutorial on this look please !!!!

                              Haley Jones

                                Yes!! More videos like this❤️

                                Sarahanna Akers

                                  Colourpop best and worst!! 💙😁

                                  chanelle gutierrez

                                    Do one for Glossier
                                    Omg those eyeshadows 🤤

                                    Michelle M

                                      Holy Chettt! $58 for a brush and I’m complaining about $10 brushes. 😂 holy holy chett.

                                      Sabahat zaidi

                                        Love the series idea. Do alternative videos like one on luxury/highend and the next on drugstore

                                        Tess Grace

                                          Milani.physicians formula. Thrive cosmetics

                                          Tess Grace


                                            Hannah clary

                                              Best and worse Natasha Denona. Also Laura mercier.

                                              Angelica Gutierrez

                                                Why didn't you talk about her foundation? I love it!

                                                Rowena Petrova

                                                  So I love this series. Also, I’m down for all the brands 😂 but a while ago you did a review of MoxieLash, and I was wondering if you could do a review of Glamnetic Lashes?

                                                  Hannah clary

                                                    DO you like the pat powder better than the charlotte tilbury airbrush pressed powder? I have not tried either but they sounds similar.

                                                    Kims corral

                                                      I can feel my hair sticking to that lip gloss😂

                                                      Julia Mae Robinson

                                                        I love these videos! 💕

                                                        kaylee P.

                                                          Me: aww man i LOVE that highlighter trio!
                                                          Also me: looks at price "eek…. 😬 im alright"

                                                          kristyahh wu

                                                            where can you get the Quad eye shadow she's showing? I couldn't find the shade she's holding in the video.

                                                            Stephanie Pham

                                                              Can you do a full face of make up for your really dry face days?!

                                                              Justine Lee

                                                                Thrive causemetics!!!!

                                                                Rachelle Bañuelos

                                                                  OMG I love her eyeliner! That pencil is my shiiiiittt. Last on me all day!! I work at Sephora and I sell that shit to everyone!!

                                                                  Vanessa Hayes

                                                                    Can you do more affordable brands like E.L.F and Colourpop. Also please do an updated favorite brushes!!!! Like so she can see this

                                                                    Jackie Gutierrez


                                                                      Hafsah Saeed

                                                                        Do a video for L’Oreal and Ulta beautg

                                                                        Blessed in beauty

                                                                          Can you do a video using your favorites?

                                                                          Samantha Smiles

                                                                            I'm glad you made this video. I actually hate the company. I purchased a few items. A few I hated but one in particular, this eye shadow was falsely advertised on their website. Their low-light films make their shadows look quiet different than they are in real life. One item I purchased was categorized as a shimmer, when it was actually a metallic. I HATE metallics and I was told it was a shimmer. I bought this item at a stupid high price. I contacted their customer service and let them know that their shadows were listed incorrectly and I wanted my money back. I sent 3 emails and they NEVER got back to me. Didnt even respond in any way shape or form (and I emailed from my work computer and my laptop with 2 different emails). Nothing. I have never had a company just not respond to a complaint. I sent a bad review about the product, of course, it wasnt posted on their website. They dont give a shit about you as a consumer. They charge stupid prices and if you dont like their product, they dont give a crap. They wont even take time to speak with you. Hate the company and will never shop there again. Which sucks because I really love the makeup artist. The company has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with… ever. And for her prices is absolutely unacceptable.


                                                                              I miss the quote board on z background 😣

                                                                              Zarahi Gomez

                                                                                Please do a tutorial on your look today

                                                                                Zoe Barth

                                                                                  Please do a review/swatches on Patrick Ta makeup (especially the liners and lip creams)!!! love you <3

                                                                                  Alexis Morales

                                                                                    Do this with fenty 🥰

                                                                                    Ana Velazquez

                                                                                      love this!! pero like where’s your handheld mirror from?! 😍

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