BFFs Review Old Facebook Profile Pictures

Main BFFs Review Old Facebook Profile Pictures

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      Best Friends React To Old Facebook Photos

      “That hat. That pose.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …

      Soda Pop

        More Jared and Devin videos!!! They’re so great together!

        Jenn H-Whelan

          That was my hairstyle in highschool for a while, too! Short with long bangs but, spiked all up just in the back! 🤣

          Chloe Cadarette

            Why is there a 12:25 time stamp in the thumbnail…???

            Mia Erbe

              54th comment

              Charlo P

                Jazz low key looks like Miranda Bailey in some of those old pics

                BaileyBell Sparkle

                  I feel like that ended kind of abruptly lol

                  day dream

                    I thought Devin and Jared were dating cause of the video they made about Aubrey Hepburn… 😂

                    Meghan Ushman

                      I created my Facebook in 2008 but deleted any profile pics before 2010. There are a few awkward ones but I am usually very picky about profile pics on any platform, so I don't change them often.

                      Hair Over Matter

                        People that love this channel ❤️❤️❤️


                        Show some love to my new channel 😍😍😍


                          Did anybody else know that Devin was Cho Chang in A Very Potter Musical???

                          Betty Regalado

                            Review Myspace photos 😎

                            Soledad Rodriguez

                              “It’s a thigarette

                              Honey B Slimes

                                Beautiful 43rd like 🤣


                                  “I wasn’t invited”

                                  Brownie Puff


                                    Rosalind Ng

                                      "We went to Walmart to get her monistat just the other day"

                                      This is gonna be a great video

                                      Hannanater Disney

                                        Omg 😮

                                        Juultje Schuurman

                                          I wonder how the applications for As/Is went
                                          Someone from as/is: So you're male?
                                          The other man: Yes, I am
                                          Someone: And you are heterosexual?
                                          The other: Also yes
                                          Someone: OK get out

                                          Someone from as/is: And are you male or female?
                                          The other person: I don't know
                                          Someone: OK, good and heterosexual?
                                          Other: Nope I'm holosexual
                                          Someone: You get the job

                                          No offence to anyone I love u no matter who or what you are❤️

                                          Rebecca Berube

                                            Thats a great episode !!! Moreeeee

                                            Jenny Tae

                                              I went to high school with Jared! he was always so kind and sweet, even if he didnt know you he would say hi if you waved 🙂 hope youre doing well jared!


                                                omg y'all look at the shade Lindsay was throwing in the comments at 3:40💀

                                                I Draw Youtube Pets

                                                  Jaz has Sasuke hair in that one pick

                                                  Izabella Zukowska

                                                    Omg Devin has always been so hot , I’m baffled

                                                    Victoria Mullins

                                                      I feel like I’ve been clubbed over the head with the “Little” commercials. Give us a break. Geez!


                                                        "the fact that you ever had hair just confuses me, cause you really should have never had it" IM SCREAMIIING

                                                        Grace Lieu

                                                          whoaaa 2009 devin looks like Halsey

                                                          Cookie Manchkin


                                                            no name

                                                              Lol buzzfeed and you kinda similar thumbnail at same time

                                                              Pourya Bigonah

                                                                In 5 years, "BFFs review their old as/is videos"

                                                                Gabby Moon

                                                                  I love the way the producers like,
                                                                  “That’s beautiful…. and cut”😂😂

                                                                  Zara Louise

                                                                    “The fact that u ever had hair just confuses me”
                                                                    *me*; dying as my mum comes in the room
                                                                    *mum*; what’s so funny? 😂😂❤️

                                                                    Savannah Seney

                                                                      1:37 😂

                                                                      jungshook af

                                                                        Omg lol

                                                                        Savannah Seney

                                                                          All of my pictures are embarrassing 😂

                                                                          setayesh rezaaee

                                                                            12 th

                                                                            Ltrey Lukwesa

                                                                              I am BFF-less

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