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      Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

      “You can bury me in orange chicken when I die, and that will be a really beautiful funeral.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for …


        Just eat less

        shawn time

          I eat like this



            Is everyone in USA having such terrible diets?

            jazzy marzullo

              can we talk about how beautiful they both are though um

              Ricola 123

                As someone with an ED it’s interesting too see what Lindsay eats… does she have an ED?

                music maniac

                  5:20 there is lesbians picture on the wall

                  Donna Kett

                    When I’m older I’d love to work where they work

                    Kaitlin Estep

                      I am obsessed with the shirt that jaz is wearing around 4:00 can someone help me find it??

                      Vegan Glenda

                        they really put that good amount of olives on the Subway wrap im jelly 🥺

                        Katniss Wren

                          Jesus these meals are so unhealthy. Not trying to shame but these girls aren’t having the right intakes of anything really.

                          Sinead Mcardle

                            seeing jazz with that t-shirt made my day (btw I'm Irish) ❤️

                            yuliya arhipova

                              I get nauseous if I eat in the morning as wellllll

                              Chelsy Lynn lifestyle

                                I'm a plus size woman and I dont eat sometimes till 2pm. I hate breakfast but I eat anyways. I eat eggs, uncured turkey bacon and a veggie or fruit. I do fast that's just normal for me. Once I did keto fasting became normal because I already did it.

                                Megan Pell

                                  Wow when she said she gets nauseous in the morning I have NEVER related more in my life. It’s been like that for my whole life🤷🏼‍♀️


                                    Tbh Lindsay's diet was more healthier than jasmine. She is flexible and eats in moderation and it balances out her maintenance calories pretty well. Not eating breakfast is also popularised in intermittent fasting, it was interesting to notice that she does it subconsciously like many other skinny eaters. This also explains why she doesn't feel much hungry throughout the day. She only eats to satisfy her "actual hunger" rather than eating due to boredom or emotion, which is one of the mental benefits of IF.


                                      these “girls” r disgusting

                                      Brandi Bigelow

                                        Next swap lives for a week!


                                          In Sweden we r soo healthy

                                          I like Bleach

                                            Bro I can only eat after 11 I feel like I want to throw up if I eat before then


                                              I would not be able to do that cause i am very VERY picky.

                                              Jamie P

                                                I just got sad I'm fighting with my best friend LOL anybody want to be my friend lol

                                                youtube account

                                                  Nobody criticizes Lindsey eating habbit just because she's thin, how is leaving 2 of the tree daily meals out healthy?

                                                  Ellie xox 22

                                                    If I swapped diets with my BFF I would starve…

                                                    Coz I don't have a BFF

                                                    Ashley thomas

                                                      i think most people i know would be very upset to switch with me. i also dont eat breakfast, i drink a protein shake though. and i dont eat much during the day at all. then i eat dinner and a bunch of snacks all night until bed. and not healthy stuff either.

                                                      Caitlyn Gillaspie

                                                        The video sounds a bit more echo-ey then usual in the beginning..


                                                          These diet switch videos seem very unhealthy to me. Especially when we get into mental health and eating disorders.

                                                          alexis paige

                                                            i thought i was one of the only people on earth who ate potato chips w cottage cheese 😂😍

                                                            Sophie Caldwell

                                                              Wow. Lindsay and i have the same diet. rip

                                                              Lindsay Colchado

                                                                Lindsay and I are like the same with the whole morning situation……we have the same name…

                                                                Nonna Gies

                                                                  Both are so beautiful


                                                                    Lindsays diet is just like mine😂
                                                                    These girls are so awesome ❤

                                                                    Neko Queen

                                                                      I would do this with my bff, the problem is I’m vegetarian and he will not eat anything but meat 😂

                                                                      Rakaya Barre

                                                                        I am also super nauseous in the morning. I never eat until 11am. Breakfast only if i have a hangover 😊


                                                                          picky eaters swap diets

                                                                          YahGirl Yaz

                                                                            If it’s Grey u gay😂🤗

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