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      BIG NEWS! (Not A Baby)

      Find my beauty gift with Elizabeth Arden here: This video contains a paid advertorial for Elizabeth Arden. OMG I completely forgot to talk …

      Amanda g

        Can there be an unscented dry shampoo? Or maybe just a faint scent of clean/freshly washed?

        Miss Shades Of Cool

          Congrats on your app!

          Teresa Burrows

            You do such lovely content Ruth,always look forward to your video's . You give a little bit of everything,it must be hard to be so good at your job with 2 little ones ,but you manage it very well x


              Still my favourite on YouTube.

              Karen Burgess

                Omg I will admit I'm in total awe , all you can do! I can't wait to read the book you forgot to mention, baby apps, I wish I could get my head around instagram to have a chance to win your freebie, having just bought Elizabeth A,s products, but alas I'm a Spanner as you say memo to self use word Spanner! at following Instagram ( seen pics ,but don't know how to do it, ??) And write and piano, cook, and look beautiful, well I will buy the dry shampoo Ruth, and try to be happy with that! Can you do a freebie chance on u tube? It's easier I'm mum of 2 ,boy girl 35 and 40 yr drama queen, ( can I still use the app?in the night, They get worse as they get older) I am 60, hence stupidity on instagram, I work for charities, sorting there shops out ,ha ha for last 40 years or so 😉 believe me it's hard work ! Your, Wish I could win fan …..

                Niall Kavanagh

                  “Not a baby” 😂😂😂

                  Jane Lowe

                    Hello! Huge congrats on your app. Such a fabulous idea! x

                    Mand D

                      You made me laugh so much with your minx-y 'smells a BIT like' 😂. Love your eye makeup

                      P Heart

                        barre is great,it gets at all the invisible muscles without you feeling like youve done much!

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