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      Biggest Royal Family Secrets Of All Time

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      Charls Best

        This is so disrespectful


          That Don't pay taxes.

          Linda Dobson

            Meagan is NOT royal…..nowhere close!!!


              There was only ONE QUEEN and that was my Mumma 🕊

              Cake Girl43 PLAYS

                I wish I was English so I could be more POLITE !

                Carmen Carlton

                  I think all this has to do with Megan is American so they think we are less no matter what she does she cannot win so give her a break

                  Garrison Mallett

                    I find the background music starting at the 16:55 mark thru the 20:10 mark very interesting and very royal but with an upbeat twist. I'm wondering if anyone would know what this music could be…

                    Beth g

                      Love Kate

                      Beth g

                        Horse face Camilla

                        darwin ang

                          correct me if i am mistaken, this comment is lifted from the 2001 movie a knitght's tale by the late heath ledger, something about the royal being stolen or taken at the tip of a sword or knife


                            Coming from a scottish person, the royal family seem like a load of stuck up pricks.

                            Kloves Dolantwins

                              Princess Margaret is so pretty

                              Kloves Dolantwins

                                Prince Beatrice? I thought she was a girl

                                Kloves Dolantwins

                                  She would like bugsy from bedtime story 11:56

                                  Erika Alumno Secutec 1

                                    Everyone needs a hug now and then

                                    Erika Alumno Secutec 1

                                      So are you coming to the party?


                                      Kloves Dolantwins

                                        Prince Harry 😍


                                          Diana is my favourite

                                          Kloves Dolantwins

                                            I'm happy there's a at least half brow girl in there family they haven't had a brown girl in the royal family since Queen Victoria I'm not racist I'm just saying

                                            Jordaan Te Whata

                                              Wot a load of crap, the story about Meghan is Bulls! !!!

                                              Rosemary Ajuka

                                                The royal family is a mess full of scandals, there's nothing special about the monarchy,

                                                Rosemary Ajuka

                                                  You are a disgrace to the human beings, who's kate and her dirty birthday party kate hold, kate is nothing but a racist and worthless woman, Meghan has friends better than kate, if not marriage where Meghan stand kate is no where to be mentioned

                                                  Brian Waithe

                                                    This is bullshit all young royals have lord and lady tittles.

                                                    Dianne Hill



                                                        The British royal family is not as beautiful as you think they are. They're ugly AF and they have incest blood in them. Sooooooo…

                                                        Aphra Vollam-Holliday

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                                                          Evangeline Moonlight

                                                            The FBI wants to know ur location

                                                            PEARL ANESTA

                                                              MANY OF THEM IS A TRANSGENDERS +PRICE CHARLES IS A GAY ,,THEY ARE EVAL

                                                              Johnny k

                                                                not really secrets since you knew them.

                                                                SwagConnor RK-900

                                                                  Is 23:00 movie or something

                                                                  QueenSheba Blaine

                                                                    Wow u have greatly Inspired me

                                                                    CodePulse Studio

                                                                      Is it a secret now that the whole world is watching this?

                                                                      karen donaldson

                                                                        The royals are nothing more than parasites 🦠 always hanging around pedophiles

                                                                        Sharee Wilkins

                                                                          Sometimes the Queen can were ugly hats…No afence

                                                                          Sky David

                                                                            Im the 576 viewer !

                                                                            Sky David


                                                                              Estrella Fierro


                                                                                Isabella Roberts

                                                                                  wowowowowow before 500 viewwwsssss

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