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      Who isn’t loving Billie Eilish at the moment? The queen of Lovely, Bury a Friend and of course… BAD GUY inspired me with her new music video to create this …



        Rafaela Negrete

          Hi Nikkie
          Love you sooo much but you should do a White Walker inspired make up tutorial!!! Become your inner white walker!!!

          x liselotte

            i’m the slechte guy… duhh
            ik hoop dat ik kans maak het highlighterpalette te winnen!!
            ig: @liselotte.pflug

            Meghan Smith

              I feel like such a slecht girl when I try a new makeup look and it's bomb. 💜
              IG: keepcalmcowgirlon

              Shivani Kharva

                i'm pretty <slecht> at thinking of creative comments
                ig: @thatrombutan

                Anna R

                  Slecht (ig : annaa_ricci)❤️❤️

                  Lea W

                    Me doing makeup : yeah ok that’s good
                    me watching a nikkie tutorials video : forget it that’s slecht 😪

                    IG : into_the_wiild

                    Princess Di

                      Slecht! 💗 of course I own that mini it’s my fav and I could def use a back up!! Twitter Princessdi74237721 insta Princessdi1014

                      Ayleen Gonzalez

                        I want to win your giveaway!!!✨✨🤗 “slecht “ lol
                        YOUR ALWAYS AMAZING!!!!😍
                        IG: underscore agbeauty underscore
                        Twitter : xqueenayleenx

                        Reena Mahawar

                          You my favourite one markup artist and I try your mackup on me

                          Eefje Griffioen

                            Wow ik heb gister iets met make up geprobeerd alleen dat ging niet zo goed 😅. Bij mij is het dinsdag en echt heel vroeg ‘s ochtends. Mijn insta is @eefje_griffioen

                            Julie Valembois

                              Hey Nikkie. You’re so a slecht giiiirl with your make up 🤤 (@joulayy_ on ig)

                              Simone Lemstra

                                I’m keeping you in the holes🤣
                                These translations are so damn funny in English it’s slecht for my heart❤️❤️
                                Love you Nikkie your amazing ❤️
                                IG; Simonelemstra_

                                Jolly Kalinova

                                  Sleght guy 😂💕💕💕 ig: yolikalinova99
                                  Love you girlll, work it ❤😍❤😍❤❤😍

                                  Grishma Jani

                                    U r amazing

                                    sifra jedidja

                                      I am not goed with make up

                                      Riina Hämäläinen

                                        Slecht guy is my favorite song at the moment 🤩

                                        Ig: riina_eveliina

                                        Judy Llewellyn

                                          You are so beautiful and talented. Ever think about a tutorial on minimum makeup? You know, no blush, yes foundation, yes highlighter, no contour, minimal eye makeup (one color), and gloss lipstick. Let your natural beauty shine through.

                                          Eva Esslemont

                                            How many eyeshadow palettes do you have??


                                              Could you do a video where you show us all your tattoos and explain the meaning behind them??

                                              Flor Cecil

                                                Buenos días ❤️💕❤️

                                                sifra jedidja

                                                  The word of the day is moederliefde
                                                  And my insta :sifrajedidja

                                                  Fabienne van de Peppel

                                                    I'm the slecht guy, make your mama sad type, make your girlfriend mad type, might seduce your dad type. I'm the slecht guy…….. DUHHH billie would be proud! Instagram = fabiennep20

                                                    lola grace

                                                      im the slecht guy…. duh. my insta is @lolatelfer12x

                                                      Regina Getter

                                                        I love that you have been doing so many new things while still being true to what your channel has always been. It is so amazing to see how far you have come this past decade (I've been subscribed for a while lol) and I knew this was going to be a wonderful year for you. On New Year's Eve I commented to you that 2019 is your year and I was very adamant, I believe I even said "mark my words" lol I just knew that crazy things were coming your way. So proud of you, Nikkie. I love you! ❤️

                                                        Ashley Marie

                                                          Queen of drag makeup

                                                          Samantha Humphrey

                                                            could you try and do some sort of watercolor makeup look using eyeshadows?!

                                                            taiz reyes

                                                              Slecth! That was so good😂 insta: t_a_i_z

                                                              Ana Uhrec

                                                                I am grateful to learn new words 💕

                                                                Jonathan Solis

                                                                  I’m the slecht guy 🤠
                                                                  (lol that sound weird when you mix it in with English 😂)

                                                                  Ig: @yuhnathan.17

                                                                  Lucie Dyer

                                                                    Voedsel @NikkieTutorials 💕💕💕😂

                                                                    Shavit Weinberger

                                                                      now nikki and I have slecht blood😏💉
                                                                      looooove you btw😂😍
                                                                      and my Instagram is shavit.wein❤

                                                                      Paige Dice

                                                                        Dutch word: Slecht
                                                                        Instagram: Beauty_by_paige18

                                                                        Diana Karina

                                                                          nikkie is the slecht guyyyy…duh!😎💞

                                                                          for the secret snapchat giveaway my ig is @_dianakarina_

                                                                          Roos Lip

                                                                            dutch word of the day: slecht❤️ ig: roos.lip

                                                                            Subhasree Banik

                                                                              nikkie nailed this look like a slecht guy

                                                                              jasmine eccles

                                                                                I just want to put you in my slecht so you can make me look like a boss whenever I want!! I love you! @jasminexme on Instagram xx ❤️

                                                                                Aysha Hoque

                                                                                  Wanna win this giveaway so slecht 😂 ❤️(Dutch word of the day) ig handle – hoque_aysha

                                                                                  Andrea Lakatos

                                                                                    The Dutch word of the day is "slecht", Ig:lktos.andrea ❤️😁

                                                                                    Bianca Casillas

                                                                                      I have a really Slecht sleeping schedule😭 ig username: @longlive_thequeen

                                                                                      Prema Balamurugan

                                                                                        Wow we p

                                                                                        Luna Vlaming

                                                                                          De dutch word is: slecht , I really wanted to win🤩
                                                                                          My Instagram: Luna.vlaming


                                                                                            Kinda feels like you find some creative artist and get "inspired" by them and then what coz billie is popular you throw her name in the video aswell…. dunno but not feeling your videos lately.

                                                                                            Scyler Smith

                                                                                              I have been learning dutch so this is a perfect time to use a few words I have learned! Deze make-up look is goed> slecht! Ik hou ervan!
                                                                                              💜 my instagram is @its_scy

                                                                                              Femke Cornelissens

                                                                                                slecht 🦇
                                                                                                ig: femke_cxx


                                                                                                  Nikkie you're such a slecht gal (insta: bisciottii)

                                                                                                  Mikenna Miller

                                                                                                    “I’m the slecht type
                                                                                                    make your momma sad type
                                                                                                    make your girlfriend mad type
                                                                                                    might seduce your dad type
                                                                                                    IM THE SLECHT GUY… DUH!!!”😭🔥❤️

                                                                                                    Anniesha K.

                                                                                                      If I'd try what you just did there it would turn out slecht 😂 looking crazy!
                                                                                                      Insta bint.sehk97 😚

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