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      Billie Eilish New Album Controversy Starts Sibling Rivalry Gossip

      5 Celebrity Sibling Rivalries That The Media Stirred Up Subscribe: …

      Sabrina Belkacemi

        Every one who liked billie's album like this and tell us where r u from and which song u liked 💞😍💞😍 go go go

        A Random Blue Corgi

          Wtf is everyone talking about? Billie always credits her brother for everything snd always says that she genuinely enjoys being around her brother. They have such a strong relationship and are always joking and laughing all the time. When Billie started to cry because of X, Finneas immediately stopped playing the piano and just hugged her. Everyone is so gossipy, theyre tryna turn the most innocent things to something horrible

          Song Lyrics

            Y’all just love to start gossip and drama, let them be. It doesn’t have to be a rival, not everyone hates their siblings all the time

            Sophie Holohan

              I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Billie's album. Bil and Finneas are so sosososososo talented. I don't want to be one of those people, but I would love it if you could check out my cover of xanny. If not, that's totally cool too! All love <3

              ASMR GAMING

                Not to throw shade or anything but didn't Selena gomez reach around 50 million listeners WITHOUT an Album??? So image when her album come out she gonna reach 100 million listeners


                  Um and where is the rivalry.

                  keke&tj TANTUA

                    This is a whole lie Billie is always talking about her brother they get along so well people really just need to chill out because she always giving credits to him I love them both so much ❤❤would i like fin to get out there more yes but it's fine the way it is😍💞

                    Tye OliviaSusan


                      This is Laci.
                      Laci is getting married!
                      1 like=1 kiss!

                      Chasity Garcia

                        This is how rumors start with false information

                        Kimberly Cruz

                          I guess talent runs in the family😊

                          Maliyah The prune

                            What’s you guys favorite song? Mines xanny🙌👀

                            Maliyah The prune

                              She deserves it all love to you billie🖤🖤🖤✨.


                                Let's take a moment to thank her brother for blessing the world with the gift that is queen Eilish.

                                I AM PRO

                                  Wait For Justin Album Than 😂😂 Everyone is Crying.

                                  Belinda Enata

                                    Love her new album what is your favourite song mine are
                                    1: my strange addition
                                    2: wish you were gay
                                    3: all the good girls go to hell❤️❤️

                                    Addie Travis

                                      And you act like Fineas writes the music and Billie just sings it. Again… WRONG! She writes most of the lyrics then her brother helps her with it.

                                      Addie Travis

                                        0:09 wow it’s “when we all fall asleep where do we go” GET IT RIGHT YOU DUMBY

                                        Peggy Bynum

                                          Y’all do know her brother writes them songs! She even had. Interviews where she said family sucks and the music. Industry is awful ..why isn’t he as famous as her? Because of her look ,she can brainwash the youth! When we fall asleep where do we go? What was her family doing to that little girl? They created her that’s why they homeschool their children! I feel bad for bill and all of them! They are all still slaves just polished up slaves for entertainment for s satan and music industry… and they use the. Kardashian’s but they are smart women and not gonna let them take over ,they have their own Industry! Maybe that’s gonna be the next mind control game for the children 😢

                                          Luke Alexander

                                            finneas doesnt get enough credit tbh

                                            Prime Entertainment Studio

                                              TheTalko, love your content.

                                              Why do I exists I didn’t ask

                                                I’m sorry but fin and bil rarely fight and he supports her and she supports him


                                                  does saphia know o'connell is also billies last name


                                                    lol no


                                                      She always gives him credit during interviews. She even looks his way. I don't see any rival. Wtf are people talking about?!??

                                                      Brittany Rose

                                                        lol anything to get a headline.

                                                        LilYume 1

                                                          Billie is amazing 😍

                                                          PTx Ize

                                                            Billie Eilish has been my favorite for almost 3 years but if you guys haven’t heard any of Finneas’s songs you should try and give them a listen they’re really good I’ve been listening for almost a year and geez

                                                            Elene Nonikashvili

                                                              from this video my favorites are Billie and Cole (fav singer and fav actor)

                                                              PTx Ize

                                                                It’s Finneas… FINNEAS

                                                                Ted’Aysyah Belcher

                                                                  Billie 😍😍

                                                                  Sam Doherty

                                                                    Who else loves Billie eillish?

                                                                    Emma Kaminski

                                                                      I love ur billie eilish videos!

                                                                      itz Acacia


                                                                        Faith Giadolor

                                                                          So proud of them!!❤️

                                                                          Emilia Konopka

                                                                            Billie is a queen and finnies is the king

                                                                            koket tad

                                                                              I was listening "bad guy" when the notification pop up


                                                                                I never knew Billie's brother is an actor too, WOW


                                                                                  Talented siblings making great music together, I love it!

                                                                                  Akua Obeng

                                                                                    Here early today cause of billie😍

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