Billie Eilish Reveals Sad Story Behind Wish You Were Gay Lyrics

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      Billie Eilish Reveals Sad Story Behind Wish You Were Gay Lyrics

      The Truth About Billie Eilish New Song Wish You Were Gay And All The Controversy. Subscribe: …

      Luke frew

        Not homophobic.
        End conversation.

        Eyes to the Soul

          Lmao if Billie was the monster under my bed well then I'm coming under and you can sing me a song

          Kim Tov

            it’s a song, chill

            Kid Mazapan

              Industry plant

              Shiloh Syrup

                Me: please let this be her come out song ;-; ♡

                Bille: BE GONE, ThOuGhT



                  Amit Das

                    Our AVOCADO is EXPENSIVE

                    angels chorus

                      So whats the reason behind some of the lyrics (×2) oml hah

                      Geo Aquino

                        Why are people so mad at WYWG? I mean, it’s a really nice song. That song is always on repeat ever since it’s release on itunes ❤️❤️❤️


                          Stan all you homophobics, and bisexual and pansexual or transgender , STAN ALL
                          Edit: BTW I'm pansexual. 🙂


                            __—….reeeeeeally? We're doing this in 2019 too? Listen, I always look at both sides of every situation and I try to understand but my personal opinion. How are people that sensitive? Theres nothing even offensive in the song. Now if it said "wish you weren't gay" and she meant it as she liked a guy who's gay and wishes he wasnt so he liked her but, I could see how that would come off as wrong to some people. But "wish you were gay" reeeeeealllly I'm just slightly confused on this one….I'm honestly not trying to be rude, I hope people understand that. I do genuinely want to know why people think its homophobic. I dont get it, so if someone thinks this song is homophobic would like to explain that reasoning to me that'd be cool… and no, I'm not a super fan of billie so I ain't doing this "because I think shes perfect and needs me to stand up for her" I listen to her songs every now and then. So please dont miscommunicate this as me trying to defend her because "she could do no wrong" okay? Ok…I'm rambling now I'll stop

                            Pranish VP

                              guys i just made a male version cover of this song

                              please check that out by going to my channel

                              thank you

                              Paw In Snow

                                I. absolutely. love. her. new. song's. title.


                                  Lmao it's so funny that I wish you were gay is new to people, I've been waiting for it to be a real song for 2 years 😂❤

                                  Frost Queen

                                    Hell I was I was not fat. These are just words people. We can't stop creativity because of one or another. Let the girl be.

                                    Channel 71

                                      So what’s the real reason behind the lyrics

                                      Jiminie And exposed shoulder

                                        I dont understand if the song itself would be homophobic and the title would be a good title of the song why would you have anything against gays anyways.. Im bisexual and also im kinda trans since im a girl and i look pretty much like a guy and i think somewhere in the future i wanna change my sex into a male … Its all just LGBT+ and i dont understand why people have to say dumb things about that and say girls should date guys , guys should date girls, nobody should change their gender since you should love yoursel!? If i wanna change my gender its what i want and it makes me myself and i also can date whoever i want…

                                        Gabe’s Entertainment

                                          Now a day no one can do anything because then people complain! And make drama! There are bigger issues that you can talk about and you decide to make drama that is not even true and it’s such a big misunderstanding you guys just want money that’s it like please do something fine for God’s sake!

                                          Basic Fiòna

                                            Love this channel cause you don't have any robot voice. you get straight to the point.

                                            violet bliss

                                              im not straight im bisexual like litaryly sorry if i spelld that right

                                              I understand nothing

                                                i just typed gay and this is the top video

                                                Ashley Cabrera

                                                  all of this was explained In September 2017, and NOW it’s a problem? tbh i wish this was still unreleased, no drama at all

                                                  Ashley Cabrera

                                                    when this was unreleased there was no drama

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