BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

Main BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

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    Sarahs Day
      BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

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      Sarahs Day

        Oops… baby brain! I've dated it Monday but this experience was actually Sunday 24th- Tuesday 26th! x

        Heather Block

          Cried so hard through this… so proud of you Sarah! You did a stellar job!

          Ivona Grzicic

            OMG!!!! Crying soooo much, this is the most beautiful video I have ever seen! So proud of you! I waited on this like I was pregnant! Sending you all the love of this world !!!!

            Beth Wallace

              I’ve been following since just before your pregnancy announcement as I’d just had my second baby and wanted to get back to fitness.
              There’s so many snippets of advice I want to share but the most important one I have is focus on yourself and baby at this time. We put enough pressure on ourselves in those first few months of a new baby let alone the pressures and expectations you must feel through this community. If I learnt anything after my first baby it was to not beat myself up so much. Take the time you need to heal, take the time you and Kurt need to adapt to your new normal as a family and take the time to enjoy these new baby moments!
              Your community will still be here cheering you along and your body will return to how you want it to be at some point. But focus on what you need to now and not what you think others expect of you.
              Big love and you’re making me broody all over again, he’s absolutely precious! x

              Elin Hagberg

                So AMAZING!!

                Alycia Abdy

                  OMG😭😭😭💙 when mum worked into the shower

                  God Morgon med Jessica


                    Andreia Cardoso

                      So beautiful 💕

                      Tallulah Mai04

                        Oh my hearttttt♥️

                        Anisha Balalle

                          Congratulations Sarah!!!! Your baby is absolutely beautiful 😍❤

                          Tina English

                            Lol I ate a zinger burger and went into labour hahahahaha worked for me

                            katalicious 01

                              I have never cried so much in my life ❤️ this is so beautiful ❤️❤️ congratulations you two are going to be the best parents ❤️❤️


                                I’m in floods of tears. I have followed you from the start and I can’t believe your journey has got to this point. Congratulations to you both ✨❤️

                                Jayde’s Life

                                  IM NOT CRYING, YOURE CRYING!

                                  benedicte kofoed


                                    Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

                                      Congratulations on your beautiful 💙 baby boy. Sending hugs, prayers and kindness. 🙏🏼🦋💙

                                      Mad Drummer

                                        Proud of you!, Kurt was so amazing too

                                        Lisa Harris

                                          Congratulations to you and Kurt on your new bundle of joy! 😍😍😍

                                          Brooke Wilson

                                            You did amazing! I was the same by the end of my labor screaming for pain medication but they refused to give it to me you did soooo wellll congratulations!! <3

                                            Nicole Louise

                                              Kurt is AMAZING

                                              Karina Steenberg

                                                Congratulations Sarah! I was in tears the whole video. What you did was absolutely amazing. I'm so inspired by your strength and i'm so happy for you both. <3

                                                Reem xx20

                                                  He looks so much like his dad 💙

                                                  Macca Selmon

                                                    I remeber when you first announced you were pregnant, the happiness and joy I felt for you is so amazing!!! I cried my eyes out in this video. To say I’m happy for you both is a understatement , he is absolutely beautiful xx

                                                    Phumi KD


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