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      Black Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Foundation

      Will anything beat Fenty? Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, …

      Julian Reif

        They think that Fenty Beauty is a black business??? 😂😂😂


          These girls are gorgeous 💖💖💖

          Ditto Ditto

            Mix your foundation 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ not a big deal

            kim jong unnie

              The one on the right is so pretty


                The braids please fix it!!!


                  Hey Unicunts, concealer can be used as foundation. News flash it's just a more concentrated formula. This video was horrible but the products used isn't why. In closing homegirl with the pineapple hair has dope nails. That's really the only nice thing I could come up with.

                  Yazpi Makeup

                    Tryin cheap vs expensive foundation *uses a concealer*

                    Queen Thomas

                      No hate but have u heard of mixing foundations I know it doesn't work for everyone but it does for most ppl including me

                      Kat Aldaine

                        cheap foundation vs high end concealer**

                        Ruby Reed

                          Who is producing these videos? Buzzfeed, y’all broke or lazy…

                          Britney Brit

                            Y’all know the fenty concealer is LIGHTER than it’s corresponding foundation shade because they’re meant to be used as HIGHLIGHTERS and not as a foundation right?

                            Secret Zexyula Teloiv

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                                Secret Zexyula Teloiv

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                                  Tamara O’Brien

                                    Lancome and fenty are AMAZING foundations. I also heard L'oreal is AMAZING

                                    Arabella Baker

                                      So everyone's talking about it not being fair that it's concealer but here I am having a mini heart attack because Joyce put her glasses down on the lenses….. 😂

                                      Sophia Ghadimi

                                        Concealer is to conceal and highlight not to match your skin tone. It’s supposed to brighten up your face……

                                        Kaitlin Lewis

                                          Guys pls help. What was this channel called before it was As/ Is?!?!? I know it was called something else. I have been stuck on this for an hr. I have looked everywhere for answers and i found nothing. Pls help k thanks

                                          livefor makeup

                                            I wish they would have waited just a few for juvia place's foundation

                                            Kacti Triplett

                                              These videos are great! But remember yall are comparing shades. If it's not the exact same shade then you cant really compare anything besides the formulas.

                                              Latasha Rhodes

                                                DO OVER PLEASE WITH MORE BLACK AND BROWN EMPLOYEES


                                                  It’s 2019, yall shouldn’t be using any ashy foundations 💀

                                                  Shauna Glover

                                                    Ladies I can relate to the foundation match struggle. Every foundation is always “too” something (I.e. light, dark, pink, yellow ) whether high end or drugstore. Makes me think my skin tone is all wrong.

                                                    Ashley Lamar

                                                      Why did they give them the wrong color……

                                                      _Marie _

                                                        Ive always loved joyce’s confidence🖤thats gonna be me one day

                                                        Lori A

                                                          I'm on the exact opposite of this; so pale that most makeup is too dark for me.

                                                          Portia Castillo

                                                            “spreading wealth across my face” 😂😂

                                                            Alexis Taylor

                                                              Smh god I cringe for anyone who uses any of those foundations dang smh huda beauty is a good one to start

                                                              addie emily

                                                                tbh all the “trying foundation” esc videos are only with women of colour. I understand that a lot of brands do not take all skin tones into consideration but, I think in the next video you should include people of all skin tones, including boys as well 🙂


                                                                  i LOOOOOVE joyce! such a positive spirit <3

                                                                  Alize B

                                                                    I had to see this because black radiance is one of my all time favorite foundations

                                                                    Aj. Mac

                                                                      Why did they specify their race as if "black" isn't a normal type of woman?


                                                                        So annoyed how they are applying the foundation.

                                                                        Suzanne Forte

                                                                          Doesn't Lancome own Loreal? 🤔

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