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      BLACKPINK Lisa Discriminated Against For Being Thai As K-POP Idol

      K-POP Idol Lisa Slammed For Being Thai In Korean Pop Group BLACKPINK Subscribe: …

      Lalalisa Reiss

        #Respectlisa ❤️

        freeze froster

          0:05 Loved by millions of cringy mothfucken fans Accurate

           Edit:Im a blink,army and exo l

          Jojo Gamesss

            Somi isnt canadian she is dutch and korean

            Jojo Gamesss

              #Respectlisa she is super talented

              Sandra I.R

                Love how when they say beautiful Jin appears

                Kawaiigirl PlayzRoblox

                  Lisa: "I need new haters.. Cause all those old haters became my fans"

                  K CHLOE FROM PHILIPPINES

                    IF Lisa is from Thailand whats the problem. She's a kpop idol not because she is beutiful but because she is talented and beutiful.

                    Suzy Smith

                      Next pls make a vedio , jennie's next from blackpink

                      Errabelle Mei Olivan

                        What's wrong with Blackpink Lisa? She is perfect in her own way. Even if she is Thai, she is still very beautiful and talented.
                        You haters are racists! #respectLisa

                        IC Grace Tambagahan

                          They really think they are perfect and they don't know the word respect that's why their bashing her ….. do you really think that your attitude makes people love you …use you brain not your mouth …

                          min yoongi

                            Queen :mamamoo

                            Koya Online


                              Anthony Susu

                                So bam bam and Minnie are Thai to and there K-POP idols like wtf

                                sammy J.

                                  I love you lisa!!!!! ❤️❤️

                                  Liezel _Lgs

                                    they just love to discriminate others, why can't they see that lisa deserved everything she have now even she's a thai and not korean pls show respect…

                                    Lisa plz be my mother ,

                                      Haters are just jealous cause wish that they were beautiful as her,and talented an stunning,

                                      Desma Carter

                                        Who cares if she is Thai she is talented and beautiful #Respectlisa

                                        Nurina Syakirah
                                          Edlawit Yalew

                                            OMG they better not who Lisa average as is BP Lisa if she is average the people who said that might be Ms pretty why don't you use your picture as your username if you are even blew average

                                            Jendukie_ Cutie

                                              All Kpop idols does not deserve hate they deserve love they are the reason why we listen to kpop music, they do anything just to satisfy us their fans with their wonderful music, We need to respect them they had a hard time just to be an idol because thats their dream.


                                                Stop Racism! and Respect there personality for what they are!

                                                Kingwizy Lieman


                                                  savage unicorn

                                                    Like haters are wasting their fingers typing "Lisa is an average dancer" like bish are you blind? You should see a eye doctor and they are wasting their time hating. Why people hates foriegner kpop idols??
                                                    #RespectLisa and #RespectForeignKpopIdols

                                                    Angela Cabreira

                                                      Lol. Haters are always on big stars. LISA IS NOT THE ONLY THAI ON KPOP INDUSTRY. !! I’m getting tired of all the hate going on the kpop industry.

                                                      Sky Does Gacha

                                                        For all of Lisas haters, she learned the korean language learned their culture why are you hating on her for that? The haters are probably jealous that Lisa is so smart

                                                        pink gamer

                                                          Lisa is not Karen but she is a human

                                                          sim min

                                                            What abut the blink who disrespect BIGHIT AND BTS … we are not their hatter but why did thy do tht … so we thnak thm to spend their money in BIGHIT n UNICEF. . Thank you all so much .. ❤

                                                            Precious Gracie

                                                              Cause she's famous that's why..
                                                              SHES FUCKING BEAUTIFUL PERIOD.😧

                                                              Jenny kim

                                                                Why did they are looking at Country…. But not looking at her talents..

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