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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Body Conscious Bride Wants A Dress That'll Make Her Look Perfect | Say Yes To The Dress UK

      Bride Laura is on the hunt for a form-fitting dress that makes her look elegant and stays within her £2000 budget. Will her glamorous entourage approve of her …

      Maahnoor Rashid

        Is no one gonna talk about their handbags? Dayumm

        Laila Khan

          I mean her highlight though I would die for that

          Sharon Martin

            That dress didn't do anything for her except show a lot of boobage. I almost got a vibe from her friends that they didn't care if she looked her best.

            K C

              she's fat
              surgery face

              ladybug kmh

                Over budget….again!!!!

                Mendoza C

                  Why TF do they cry 😂
                  The first dress looked better on her , and those bitches are annoying

                  Randa Williams

                    Her breasts are all out there, for the world to see. OMG!!

                    Randa Williams

                      She admitted to plastic surgery, and she still thinks she looks horrible. WHST OUR SOCIETY COME TO? SAD!!

                      Soledad Alegría juarez

                        Todas bien operadas de los labios

                        Lindalee Law

                          Too self deprecating. zzzzz

                          Lindalee Law

                            Top heavy. Flabby middle. … get working out

                            Lindalee Law

                              What's perfect because you aren't You just had help. Oh perfect above the neck … ack.

                              J HARR

                                Imo, I didn't like that dress on her it wasn't right for her figure.


                                  3:39 what a car crash of a face
                                  And the bride feels over weight because she IS overweight

                                  Rebecca Danell

                                    Their faces look like they used the Honey Nut Cheerio's bee wand.

                                    Lyndell B

                                      She said it…..SUPERFICIAL

                                      Nada TW

                                        Princess wedding dresses are SO underrated. It doesn’t always have to be tight and mermaid to look beautiful.

                                        Gaby Kapps Composer

                                          Sometimes entourages are totally dense.

                                          Laura H

                                            My name is Laura and I’m body conscious and I’m freaking out rn

                                            Manasvi The Writer

                                              who else have started this vedio and came down to look at comments??

                                              neha mestry

                                                Even after surgeries she looks ugly..! She is all plastic


                                                  I love the dress she chose the first one was a no for me. I thought the boob area looked a mess. She chose well

                                                  Christine in Nornia

                                                    The brides entourage are a wee bit trashy😬


                                                      Kylie is that you?

                                                      Kokila Sree

                                                        I just wanna know how much makeup does she has on her face.. I am unable to recognise which is natural and which is plastic 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


                                                          I think the second dress was really not flattering on her at all.


                                                            ha…My surname is Brinn…weird hearing it as a first name x

                                                            Diana malik

                                                              Her accent

                                                              Princess Huddini

                                                                1) they could have found her a much better dress for 2000
                                                                2)they should have added a sparkling beaded belt around the waist like they do in the american show sometimes

                                                                asmaa 567

                                                                  The dress is beautiful but it does not suit her

                                                                  Sharon Eniye

                                                                    Girl that highlight popping though ✨

                                                                    Munkhsaruul B

                                                                      Why this uk version is always over budget? Is everything in uk expensive? 2000£ is like a lot in USD. In US version there are a lot beautiful dresses under 2500$


                                                                        0:27 well at least she’s honest

                                                                        Rosie G.

                                                                          Over budget again. At least warn the bride before putting the dress on her and falling in love with it. She may not be able to stretch her budget and instead risk breaking her heart cuz her dream dress is out of her price point. But glad this bride was ok to go over budget and get her dream dress.❤

                                                                          Giga Fall

                                                                            the amount of plastic on her and her friends' face scare me… they work in the beauty industry???

                                                                            Loly MElrawy

                                                                              Her nibbles r showing wtf she is sooooooo cheap

                                                                              Mel Robertson

                                                                                She doesn't seem as excited about spending the rest of her life with her "love" as other brides?


                                                                                  Why oh why is UK always over budget

                                                                                  ila kaizen

                                                                                    If u care about your look, reduce your weight not change your face


                                                                                      stop giving them dresses over the budget!!!

                                                                                      preena chopra

                                                                                        She's beautiful

                                                                                        Tya Sasongko

                                                                                          Oh great. We're back again to the ever creative and considerate over-budget Dando Landon format 😂


                                                                                            I thought this was angelina from jersey shore!!!

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