BODY GLOW/ SHIMMER OILS | swatches + comparisons to Sol, Fenty, ABH + more

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      BODY GLOW/ SHIMMER OILS | swatches + comparisons to Sol, Fenty, ABH + more

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Body oils are ALL THE RAGE these days! I thought I would show you the new Sol Body Shimmer Dry Oils & compare them to other …

      Dominica Trevino

        Lol the thumbnail!

        MakeMeUpGorgeous 19

          Great video review loved it! Ordered my colourpop sol already today can’t wait to get it

          Shelby Jolynne

            Your hair is looking INCREDIBLE!!

            Maly Yang

              “Ooooh… Sexy mama.” Lol, that’s so cute 🙂


                I like your thumbnail it look nice great video you looking good❤

                Sadia Easha

                  Sexy mama 😍😍
                  We know,Danny.We know 😁😁

                  Noa Ezaguy

                    Ehen do you put shimmering oil on?!🤔

                    Tae Tae

                      CAN U TEST KKW BODY FOUNDATION SIS???

                      Fabiola Suárez

                        You’re soo pretty


                          Please please please do a video on your favourite dewy and glowy skin products like foundations, highlighters, body oils, cream blushes, bronzers etc. basically a HOW I LOOK LIKE JLO video . I don’t care if it goes for hours I will watch it without complaint! 😂

                          sammi Irene

                            Mix them all lol

                            ASMR Glow

                              YAS i so wanted to see a review on these since i saw them on Trendmood 😍

                              Taylor Reardon

                                I’m loving the new boobs 😂 so weird to comment, but this is the first time I see them poppin 😂 so jealous 🙄

                                Kristi W

                                  The thumbnail 😂😂😂 I can’t

                                  Rachelle Downs

                                    Not into body stuff, but I’m watching this video because I love you and watch everything you post. 💜

                                    Natalie Hsu

                                      Danny’s comment LOL

                                      Sophia Rogers

                                        No one:
                                        Kathleen: it smells like my childhood

                                        K G

                                          Edward Collins vibe 😂


                                            Updated hair routine!!! It's so shiny and beautiful!

                                            melalalax3 -Melanie Peraza

                                              Love the ending with the hubs!!!! Hahaha i seriously am so happy you reviewed these ! I was going to purchase and wasn’t sure which one to go with ! Thanks girl !

                                              Nicola Bray

                                                Fabby video as always🙋 inside out beautiful girl💞 xx

                                                Brittany P

                                                  The thumbnail is so sexual! I love it! <3

                                                  Ruth Ramirez

                                                    please do a drugstore version!!

                                                    Lisa Iaci

                                                      Yeah I def can’t wait to get this product! Looks so so good!!

                                                      Sara S.

                                                        Kathleen you look so romantic and radiant in this video??? Your hair, your makeup, that blue on you… BYE queen go off

                                                        Katie Aguilar

                                                          Me while she was talking about how glass was a downside: the glass looks nice tho cute no problem
                                                          Also me: a Virgo
                                                          I feel exposed

                                                          Anastacia Leahey

                                                            Can you please do a tutorial on your makeup look? I'm obsessed

                                                            Reed Penson

                                                              Ive been waiting on someone to do a video like this and I can 1,000 percent say this is the 1st “swatch review” that was actually VERY helpful and informative! I now know what I should actually be buying as opposed to just buying the Hype!

                                                              Olga Lopez

                                                                BEST SUMMER LIPSTICKS , COLOR AND FORMULA WISE ❤❤💙💙

                                                                MM T

                                                                  I don't want my skin to sparkle. Who am I, Edward Cullen? Just give me a pretty sheen.


                                                                    You should do an updated ride or die makeup!!! I wanna see your new makeup favs of all time! ⭐️❤️


                                                                      Do they rub off on your clothes at all? I wear a ton of white in the summer and have to be careful what body products I use

                                                                      LDM fam

                                                                        BRB gona go put in my 100,000th colourpop order 😂

                                                                        Lindsay Jones

                                                                          When you’re watching another video and see Kathleen upload a new video and immediately forget about the video you’re watching


                                                                            I came straight to your channel when I saw the launch because I knew you would have the tea ☕️ 💕💕💕

                                                                            Silvia Lopez

                                                                              Omg yasss. I’ve been wanting to see sol body…. thank you so much Kathleen 😘😘

                                                                              BAEKHYUN IS BAE

                                                                                I love how you keep on editing

                                                                                No one:

                                                                                me: explaining the smell

                                                                                Previous video too 😂😂😂😂

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