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      Melting My Wig #BOLDHOLD ACTIVE glue | #UNICEHAIR

      Back To School sale from 2nd August to 12th August Order Over $79-10% Order Over $199-15% Get $8 off use code ” loveunice ” The same hair I’m using: …


        Love all your videos.
        Can you make one on the glueless method??

        Janisha G

          I’m ready to join the wig gang

          aliyah brown

            Ivy really … unice hair is so bad. Even when you take it out the box …

            Blessed Deshawna

              We, need an update on your hair business & more watch me work series.

              J.R M

                Go girl using those 10$ cosmetology words (line of demarcation). YOU GO GIRL!!!


                  So natural


                    You should review Elf jelly pop

                    aliyah brown

                      Unice hair is actually so horrible.

                      Tonya Jones

                        Ivy is the bold hold like shiny under the wig? Because babbbe the ghost bond glue is hella shiny under my wigs

                        Tonya Jones

                          Yessss Ivy omg you did it again

                          fashion Cure

                            So FUCKING DOPE!!!!

                            Charlie P

                              I never comment on videos buuuuuut I wish I saw this video before I bought/wore my first frontal with curly bundles. I got 3 bundles and it most DEFINITELY got tangled. But I LOVE your videos. And your wigs/frontals always look soft and natural. Best hair videos. I'm going to try to apply my first frontal ALONE this weekend and I'm definitely coming back to your channel for guidance lol <3

                              Ms Keedy Baby

                                You got whitey because you're not suppose to get it wet for 24 hours

                                Vicky Newsone

                                  Bomb as usual!!!😍😍😍💕🔥🔥

                                  juicy freak

                                    Stunning 😍


                                      Anytime I make a wig , it comes out too small. Like the wig cap doesn’t stretch at all. Granted my head is slightly large but is there any tips or tricks that I can use?

                                      She is amazing 22

                                        I swear I love your hair videos 👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍

                                        MogulHairExt _

                                          It turns white for me as well when I start to sweat but when I cool down, it dries again. Don’t really like that cause that lets me know I can’t wear my wigs in extreme heat cause I sweat in my head first

                                          Aurélie Zinaida V.

                                            Bold hold aint that great. The heat + your own oils/sweat makes it become loose really quick. Also, even when I let it dry completely before applying a new layer you can still get white blobs of glue coming through the lace. Annoying AF. I’m really about that ‘laid’ frontal so I just redo it.

                                            Also, my sister goes to festivals a lot and when she’s ‘active’ the glue still lets go! Even with 2-4 layers. Furthermore, if you sleep with your wig glued on— the glue looks wack the next day (with or without scarf/panty/headband).

                                            The good thing is that when it decides to dry ‘nicely’ it really dries transparent.

                                            I’m just disappointed cause it costs like €37 here..RME. Even my got2B tends to hold better in the heat (even in Italy’s summer heat).

                                            Lah Body

                                              Hair video on point as usual .
                                              I never get the liquid to lace ratio right at ALL. Ordered the tape last week and this morning I tried it 😩I’m NEVA going back to liquid adhesive.


                                                Have you tried Tailored Crowns lace tint ? It comes in different skin tones. It seems to work for the ladies that use it. Beautiful as ever 😍

                                                Seri Gabe

                                                  Gorgeous hair and lashes. 🧡💚💜

                                                  Vonzetta’s Lavish Hair Boutique

                                                    Love it😍❤😘

                                                    Samitra Vash

                                                      Hands down Ivy got the best hair videos don’t @ me

                                                      Sunflower Kiera

                                                        The GOAT!!!

                                                        Miss Empress

                                                          All your laces look good af 😍


                                                            Love it hun

                                                            Crystal Harmon

                                                              Well…maybe on a cool rainy night 🤣🤣🤣 Truth was told in this video baby…I only can live my best lace wig life Fall-Spring…its cool

                                                              Ashley Ellis

                                                                What lashes are you using Ivy?

                                                                Legier Whittington

                                                                  Do you ever do sew in anymore like the flip over method…or no?

                                                                  Destiny Burton

                                                                    Never Disappoint Me With These Wigsssss❤️

                                                                    Kayela Lance

                                                                      I love this install but bold hold thinned my edges a little cause i have a low lying hairline and I haven’t gone back but maybe I’ll try another method.

                                                                      Monique Godly

                                                                        U are so right about the baby hair looking much better not all glued down…


                                                                          Lashes are gorgeous

                                                                          Crystal Harmon

                                                                            I hope Ivy bring me back…I'm so over lace wigs chile…I sweat like a pig so the paranoia to much😆✌

                                                                            Peaches Smalls

                                                                              you remind me reginae carter. adorable

                                                                              Neshara williams


                                                                                Keishia Smith


                                                                                  Saddik Laaraiche

                                                                                    🇩🇿🅿🆎🆖✌💒💍💝❎🆚😍🗽🇺🇸👅👅😈🔞🔞🔞💀 💀😁😁

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