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    Say Yes to the Dress

      Brandon will have to balance being a consultant and a brother as he helps his sister find the perfect bridesmaids dresses for her wedding. Catch Say Yes to the …

      Astha Bhandari

        The boutique really needs new dresses that actually looks good. They are all just horrible!

        Mildred Akwafo

          Shrapay and rayn is that you 😝😝


            She basically wants A Night gown! What Else…..

            a a y a h h

              the first 2 dresses were disgustingg

              Flyingmartini Hurricane

                She didn't want boring dresses….yet that's what she picked.

                Richayle Gillespie

                  I am marrying jeffffffffffffffff😂

                  Christine Renney

                    When was this programme made?

                    Mikayla Bahamundi

                      I love his country accent


                        So in retail you can't check out your family but if your a consultant for wedding attire its fine? Shouldnt they have a policy to help this?


                          "I'm marrying Jeff..!"

                          Jeff: my names Jeff

                          Patrick McKee

                            Oh wow I hate him


                              Awfull, all of them are awful dress. Except the last one.

                              Holly Warehouse

                                Ummmm- ok! Still waiting for that GORGEOUS BRIDESMAID DRESS, but the video ended!

                                Ygor Cortes

                                  His picks were HORRIBLE. I'm happy she didn't listen to him lol

                                  Doodlebug D

                                    The two that Brandon picks are SOOOO ugly I don’t know he picked that


                                      Tbh this is her wedding

                                      Adrienne Gurge

                                        I think in a situation like this she should pick the dresses she likes. Then when she has it down to a few choices he could give some input. But otherwise what you have is him picking out dresses that she in NO WAY likes at all.

                                        Lulu Charlene

                                          I hardly ever see unique drop dead gorgeous dresses on this show
                                          They’re dresses are still so old fashioned

                                          tahia banu

                                            Why they all have like the 80/90s hairstyles??!

                                            *F A D E D*

                                              For a second I thought that was Ninja🤣🤣

                                              C D

                                                When I heard Mother in law Debbie, I was like "and where is Coltee?!!"

                                                IzzyRose LovesBnha

                                                  The sparkly one looks too much like a party dress, and it might be cute, but not for a wedding. The multicolored one looks pretty though. I guess the color might be a problem for her, but in my opinion it looks nice. Maybe because it reminds me of a dress I wore a couple years ago to a father daughter dance. Oh, but the coral colored ones were beautiful. I like the style and colors.

                                                  Default To The Max

                                                    Love you,Brandon and all of your hairstyles!!!!I actually really like the cute floral dress that is on the mannequin in the background!

                                                    Kate RH

                                                      Umm set up !!!


                                                        Doesn’t matter that she is your sister, because she is here as the bride with her bridesmaids (the clients) and he is not listening and not being professional with that snotty mean high school teenage girl attitude that he really needs to drop, if this wasn’t staged then he should’ve been fired or at least get a real warning

                                                        studybunnies x

                                                          Ok , is it just me me or are the majority of the dresses that different brides pick are ugly . And it’s not like they’re not any beautiful dresses ,because the ones on display are sooo much better

                                                          K-pop Lover

                                                            This was filmed a long ass time ago and just put it because this video just looks old.

                                                            Mandamu Mayowe

                                                              Is the bridesmaids show from anywhere within the last 5 years ?

                                                              Call Me Kk :P

                                                                The coral one was so cute!! If I was a bridesmaid I would want that dress! It was super cute!

                                                                Emma The gamer

                                                                  Brother: like I have the best fashion sense me: um 😐 I don’t think so

                                                                  Friday With Fibber

                                                                    Brandon is acting like every bridesmaids he says is out of line.

                                                                    Andoeni Camacho

                                                                      She kind of looks like Ashley Tisdale

                                                                      Smileyrie James

                                                                        Oh Brandon. Those dresses with the fluffy necklines were hideous!!!! Actually most were hideous lol.



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