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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Brings Ex Husband To Her Bridal Consultation | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

      Tracey is still best friends with her ex husband and brings him along to her bridal consultation so he can advise her on what wedding dress looks best.

      Everythiiing Janelle

        Her teeth is so dirty! Sorry!

        Amanda Lynn

          She should replace the white ribbon through the corset tie in the back with a red ribbon. 💕

          Saranya saranya

            Her ex is so supportive 🤗

            Sharu Mani

              The bride is so beautiful❤


                Her and her fiancé Kenny are so adorable

                Hope I feel like death

                  I think it’s really sweet that her and her ex husband are still close. Also that the wife and her are perfectly good friends.


                    Those flowers made the dress hideous 👀

                    Shakaya Teneti

                      These two are very rare, in a world when it's about sex sex sex and who's with who and moving on to the next person. Completely and utterly special to have this type of close bond.


                        I love when ppl can have a great relationship with exes

                        Neelam Singh

                          I love these people. Theyre so comfortable with each other.

                          bunny girl

                            I adore the first wedding dress. That's exactly how I want mine. Plain and simple.

                            Jennifer Le

                              That dress is absolutely stunning on her tbh

                              Chestnut oak

                                Gok is very different from the other consultant. He is very unique in his ways! He can make the best to every bride.


                                  All these comments about her ex husband but she looked so happy, confident and blissful in that final take after she said yes to the dress and it makes me so happy!!!

                                  Jimi MaGee

                                    Its lovely how everyone is so supportive and kind to her.
                                    If there happy then who are we to argue

                                    Htotha Hizzie

                                      I like the fact that the ex's current wife didnt put her 2 cents. Everyonecresoected each other


                                        It's amazing how much the flowers transformed the dress. I didn't like it before (all you could look at was the breasts). It took it to a vintage place – 1940's, which I love.

                                        Erica Soto

                                          I would have done without the red roses on the dress, but as long as she’s happy.

                                          Annointed One

                                            I rather see love than hate. Very mature situation.

                                            dana banana

                                              gok is the best consultant from all the versions of this show. period.

                                              Ghazala Nawaz

                                                On 2nd dress y starp gt changed?

                                                Larry Oxentine

                                                  The roses look bad on the dress

                                                  Smileyrie James

                                                    2 clumps of petals is not what I would have done but it was a lovely touch to have them being created during the appointment. Gok is just an absolute treasure!

                                                    Maja 94

                                                      She's so lovely awww

                                                      Smileyrie James

                                                        Very ummmmmm modern? Good to see some divorces are actually friendly, social & supportive. Bit suss that the new wife didn’t say anything though, hopefully she’s just as supportive & secure about it all.

                                                        Kimi no namae wa

                                                          It is really weird to have your ex-husband AND his freakin new wife on top of that.

                                                          Samira Wilson

                                                            I think it’s great that she and her ex are still friends!!


                                                              It’s funny because the wives names are Tracey lol


                                                                I love Gok so much……… I want to see more of him! I've known a couple of 'couples', who divorced but still hang out and have gotten remarried and STILL hang out. The husbands golf together and wives shop and dine together. It's fantastic for the kids involved.

                                                                rojina a

                                                                  what a bad dress


                                                                    I disagree with the bride. Bringing your ex-husband & his new wife to the bridal appointment. Too much awkwardness for me.

                                                                    Shir BM

                                                                      The first dress is nothing like what she asked for

                                                                      Kate RH

                                                                        What a lovely bride and entourage, but for the first time Gok stuffed up. Those roses looked liked she had a couple of bloody steaks attached to the dress – also in the wrong places.

                                                                        Athanasia Athanasia

                                                                          There is the perfect dress for everybody.. Her smile and her good heart is her beauty.. Staying friends with her ex shows what a nice person she is

                                                                          A C

                                                                            Like I shop with my ex bf

                                                                            Holly Cumming

                                                                              I love the idea of the red roses being added but something about that placement wasn't working at all. Hope they showed her some more options for that!

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