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Main Bride Gets Self Conscious When She Doesn't Fit in the Sample Size | Say Yes To The Dress UK

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      Bride Gets Self Conscious When She Doesn't Fit in the Sample Size | Say Yes To The Dress UK

      Tanisha Duval wants a gown that will flatter her body but when the wedding gown she loves doesn’t fit right the bridal appointment takes a sour turn. Catch Say …


        Literally no one mentioned her weight except for the bride

        Danielle Denis

          Very beautiful!

          Zoids Zu

            SHE is the one fixated on her weight. She's so easily triggered.


              the consultant shouldnt have asked her to wear a dress not in her size esp she knows she is body conscious. that bad feeling couldve been prevented.

              Princess Pumpkin

                First dress was lovely, second dress did NOTHING for her, and third dress was amazing!

                Based on the footage we see here (and I know that's not the full picture) the bride was WAY too dramatic regarding her entourage's comments. They didn't mention her weight, just that the dress didn't do much for her figure, which was the truth. It didn't do her justice, not one bit.


                  Stunning eyes. She’s beautiful.


                    She has a great body and there's no reason they shouldn't be able to find a sample in her complete normal size. Anyone would get self-conscious. The trash her accusing her of "body issues" can use the door.

                    Jenette Merlini

                      Oh for goodness sake, this bride is high maintenance 🙄🤦‍♀️ her enterouage were giving her great advice and were helpful. She threw a drama fit straight away and made everything difficult. 😵


                        That Bride is gorgeous – those golden green eyes! wow –

                        Sandi Miller

                          The one she chose makes her look absolutely stunning. 👍🏻👍🏻

                          Aya Ahmed

                            A belt at the waist would ‘ve been nice

                            Olga Shmtv

                              Dark skin and white dress really compliment each other! She looked gorgeous in the dress she chose!

                              Olga Shmtv

                                The bride has beautiful eyes!

                                Ramdom Person

                                  Girl your beautiful and so is your body it's ok💓

                                  Tracy Edmonson

                                    The second dress wasn’t going to look good on anyone with curves.


                                      The first one looked the best. Made her look thinner more than the others.


                                        i think they need some bigger sizes in the samples other than just a 4 or 6. its not very uplifting for the bride when she realises her weight, which wouldn’t usually be considered anything abnormal, may stop her from feeling confident when shopping for her own dress for her own wedding.

                                        latoya Hill

                                          10 years 3 kids and not married wow😒😒😲😲😲


                                            Shit.. i freakin LOVE this program! I live for the question! Gets me every time 😭😍

                                            Mandi G

                                              The consultant isn't very good she should be putting the bride in dresses that will fit as they will have other sizes in the store. They've upset the bride for drama ratings which is a shame.

                                              Rood Labelle

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                                                  This bridal consultant is a dummy. Why won’t she put her in something the bride WANTS?!
                                                  The English edition of this franchise is so frustrating.

                                                  Janine Abubaker

                                                    Why has no one commented about how gorgeous she is!?

                                                    Terry Turner

                                                      It really suits her…..

                                                      mad robin

                                                        good to see the dress is under budget because now she can put the other 1500 toward her teeth.

                                                        Lucille Renard

                                                          This is quite off topic, but the bride + entourage all have stunningly white teeth!

                                                          Carmen G

                                                            What’s the point of being pretty if she has a nasty bitchy attitude that takes away her beauty



                                                              Random Chat

                                                                She is gorgeous

                                                                Stijn Slim

                                                                  if she is so upset, why not stop at the fifth hamburger… you can not eat garbage or a lot and look great at the
                                                                  same time , pull yourself together

                                                                  mercy kino

                                                                    1st dress was best


                                                                      Pretty dress. Pretty bride.

                                                                      Madeliene Batin

                                                                        she's overthinking…

                                                                        Megan is a gamer

                                                                          Everyone saying they didn’t point out her weight… they did though. Didn’t call her fat but said “ in your size”…. trust me that’s picking on her weight. That said…. she’s beautiful and should embrace that😊

                                                                          Cedella Walters

                                                                            But I'm sure your husband to be loves u just the way u are boo so don't worry about your size your heart and personality is what matters the most

                                                                            Chelsea Darsoo

                                                                              What weight? She's beautiful just as she is.

                                                                              CHRISTINA ZELIDIS

                                                                                So Beautiful

                                                                                Student Person

                                                                                  Damn they stayed in her budget.

                                                                                  Mrsbunny loverbookreader

                                                                                    Even I didn't the first dress at all

                                                                                    Suha Nafsi

                                                                                      I'm figure conscious as well. I would go for black belt or little bit black here and there to contour my body.
                                                                                      I will get a black saree for my wedding. Saree is a long cloth which can bring out your body's assets and also make it look sophisticated.

                                                                                      better secret

                                                                                        Under budget and beautiful 👌

                                                                                        Georgina Thamesford-Belle

                                                                                          Wotttt she’s gorgeous and not overweight at all!!!!! She’s normal

                                                                                          minny Coo

                                                                                            When she said ‘tadaaa’ why did they film their eyes doing that? 😂

                                                                                            minny Coo

                                                                                              She is gorgeous, can’t believe she’s insecure… I mean how should I feel lol


                                                                                                Showstopping choice!!!

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