Bride Hates Dress Shopping as Clothes Are Usually Too Big on Her! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

Main Bride Hates Dress Shopping as Clothes Are Usually Too Big on Her! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Hates Dress Shopping as Clothes Are Usually Too Big on Her! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Aoife Mangan usually hates dress shopping as she can never find clothes that fit, will her bridal appointment be able to change her mind? Catch Say Yes to the …


        She looks like Meghan Markle but with blue eyes


          I love that the consultants advised her against buying a dress unless she was ready to do so – they could have obviously made a lot of profit from the sale, but instead they had her best interests in mind. Nice one SYTTD Ireland!

          Eva Martin

            Honestly I’m glad she didn’t choose that 3rd dress it’s just too plain and simple, I loved the second dress on her

            Cath Chen

              She’s so pretty, and love her entourage!

              Srisatkunarajah Srisankarshan

                I think the bride is mentally disturbed. She is sooooooooooo beautiful in all dresses and everything fits her like a dream or kind of.
                Then why the hell does she say that every thing is too big!?

                Lirila Zeliang

                  She has an amazinv hair

                  shilpa sarkar

                    Love this show

                    Kate RH

                      So classic it puts those who like "bling" to shame.


                        See dresses are usually too small for me.

                        Sabrina Ali

                          Thank God she dint commit to it .it would have played safe if she did so

                          Kk dragon

                            If you love the dress and you think it's the one you should buy it. Regardless of what people might think!!

                            Kk dragon

                              The second dress with the back and the lace. I wish she choose it! It looked amazing on her.

                              lavaniya valli

                                I looouve it.

                                Kk dragon

                                  The bride is beautiful and the dress looked amazing on her👏👏

                                  Farah Arzoo

                                    So plane. 2nd one was amazing

                                    Its Lydia

                                      A man on tinder asking a woman for marriage and not for nudes? Wow.

                                      •Jeon Jungkook•

                                        This is how many years you want your parents to live


                                        Ella Belle

                                          I fell in love with the 2nd dress i want it 😭

                                          Kemi S-M

                                            That third dress makes her look really young. Like confirmation dress with a train. Second was gorgeous!! But up to her!


                                              I thought she looked beautiful in the 2nd dress, absolutely stunning.

                                              Gacha Gamer

                                                I will never be in this show
                                                Cuz im single forever

                                                Where’s Diana


                                                  Kayla Plays

                                                    She is really pretty but the first dress did not suit her but the second dress looked nice i wish she committed to the silk one


                                                      she knows the dress will have to be altered regardless, right? it’s much easier to fix it being too big than too small.

                                                      Nina Hedelund


                                                        Callie Bell



                                                            She is so pretty I love her smile😍

                                                            touch it

                                                              she's so pretty! hating on shopping for wedding dresses but loving the fact of getting married

                                                              Maureen Dutcher

                                                                I ❤️ say yes to the dress

                                                                touch it

                                                                  goodness, i hope i was like her. there are clothes that are too small to fit my body

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