Bride Is Looking for Dresses That Will Go with a Furry Muff | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Main Bride Is Looking for Dresses That Will Go with a Furry Muff | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Is Looking for Dresses That Will Go with a Furry Muff | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Samantha Simcik wants the bridesmaids to wear a long red dress that will go with a fur muff for her winter wonderland themed wedding. Will she be able to get …


        Everyone was being so mean to Sidney. She looks like she's still in high school, there was no need for the consultants and Lori to mock her over her fashion choices.

        Brittaney Wright

          Am i weird but this bride is super annoying an jus cums off stupid. Am sorry.

          Tracy Edmonson

            Could the bride be any more burnt 🥵. Apparently no one has gotten through to her that bronzer is for a touch of warmth not to create a new skin color. And she sounds like an idiot when she speaks.

            Mariana Theoret

              SO ORANGE

              Amber Marie

                “There are fur muffs all over the internet”…😏😂

                Txxn Forever

                  Ohhh woah woah hold up there…

                  Ohhhhhhhhhhh that fake tan euuuwuwuwu it’s a no for me

                  margaret fry

                    The bride is orange and she thinks her sister is freaky

                    Sally Scheckel

                      The yellow dress is the same color as her tan…

                      Marrinette Ladybug

                        Sebastian bails has joined the chat

                        mukhang ipis

                          Is the theme for the wedding Christmas? The muff and that red dress scream Christmas to me.

                          Avery Matteson

                            The over tanning makes her look like she’s in her 30’s.

                            Karen McCabe

                              Just ❤️ this show! Also love the muffs and the red!!

                              Kaylin Rose

                                She loves winter and the muff but then she has like the fakest and most noticable tan ever


                                  21…????? She look like 40…ish.. Must be the fake tan,,,…

                                  cc rexa

                                    Every taffeta dress looks cheap

                                    potterhead 101

                                      She fell asleep in the tanning bed .

                                      Jennifer Bentz

                                        It reminds me of White Christmas

                                        Layla Rogers

                                          They don’t have to be sooooooooooooo rude about it

                                          Karina motano

                                            Her voice and fake tan really bothered me 😐

                                            ace babycakes

                                              That horrid fucking tan, and her fake teeth… Dear God

                                              Kimarys Tejada

                                                I think the muff would make sense if all the bridesmaids dresses were long sleeve and they were getting married outside in the snow


                                                  American taste is awful

                                                  Ilyas Md. Amin

                                                    I hate the idea with the muff

                                                    Holly Warehouse

                                                      🥵yes I’m tan, and it’s completely natural!

                                                      blake mason

                                                        jeeezus this bitch must be one of the oompa loompas that escape from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory all grown up!!!


                                                          Hideous the tan n teeth. She clearly has no style. A muff wtf

                                                          Disha Shetty

                                                            The tan looks like mud on her face.

                                                            Haunted Mushrooms ASMR

                                                              The sister is sweet, but who in the hell chooses a YELLOW dress for a winter wonderland theme? I think the sister is just uncomfortable with the whole theme, but didn’t quite understand that it’s the BRIDE’s wedding day. She gets to choose. So sorry.

                                                              Giga Fall

                                                                nooooo, she looks way older than 21 with that fake tan!

                                                                Blu Bris

                                                                  Its like taking a kid to gap and hoping they pick clothes for themselves. Immature brides maids..

                                                                  An Hu

                                                                    Someone hates the bride, and told her the tan looks fabulous. The teeth are blinding too! I hope both fades before the wedding, because the wedding photos are forever.

                                                                    Beaches InCali

                                                                      I thought that a muff was a vagina dude. I'm dead, lmaoooo.

                                                                      Rutuja Sonavane

                                                                        She behaves like the girl that people pretend to be when they want to be super goofy and awkward

                                                                        Terry Baby

                                                                          If she wants them to carry a muff, they need to dress like something out of “Anna Karenina” or “Dr Zhivago”. Cold weather gear like a muff looks incompatible with lightweight dresses, especially with a winter theme.

                                                                          Laley Pops

                                                                            Oh no, the oompa loompa tan

                                                                            da broncobabe

                                                                              No offense, but how many 21-yr old brides have good taste?? This one's sporting an orange tan and ridiculous fake fur. Good god.

                                                                              Razieh Kamizi

                                                                                She look like 30 cause wrong make up


                                                                                  '21 years old' jfc she looks nearly 40


                                                                                    These are the most karens ive ever seen in one room at the same time, chilling

                                                                                    Vinodini Karunaharan

                                                                                      Why does she look like she just came from the tanning salon?


                                                                                        The bride is kind of a bitch. An overcooked bitch.

                                                                                        Loraine Spencer
                                                                                          H London


                                                                                            Catherine Hart

                                                                                              “We can’t get the bride and the sister to agree on a dress.” Well it’s the brides decision.

                                                                                              Kayla Gallagher

                                                                                                The way the bride was making fun of her sister really rubbed me the wrong way, she was obviously uncomfortable already and I doubt all of that teasing made her feel any better 😕

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