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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Needs A Dress 6 Weeks Before The Wedding! | Say Yes To The Dress Canada

      April’s wedding day is getting nearer and nearer, however she still doesn’t have a dress. Will she find the dress of her dreams in such short notice? Catch Say …


        She lit up with dress 3

        Alicia Lee

          My wedding dress was very similar to the first one she tried on. I thought the first one looked best on her but I might be bias since it was so similar to mine.

          Kathleen Turner

            Every bride should have an assistant like this one!!!


              Its quite nice that this episide was less predictable

              kkota 3doby

                She is lowkey looks like princes kate

                Dee Lg

                  One of the best episode …
                  Lovely consultant..
                  Beautiful to be bride family…
                  Supportive entourage….

                  Pollyanna Principle

                    Demitra treated April like she was helping her sister find a dress. Demitra was sensitive, accommodating, kind, and totally bride-centered. No pressures, no imposing her opinion about which dress to choose, just the coolest assistant ever! And the dress was "right on" for this lovely woman. My favorite episode.

                    Butterfly R

                      Refreshing to have a nice family, nice friends, nice bride and…
                      A nice fitting. Forget the drama of other episodes. This is so sweet.

                      Maina woo bin

                        Canadians are so sweet and kind

                        Saba Siddiqui

                          I like first dress on her

                          B Tillie

                            This was so sweet, but the first one was my favorite

                            C B

                              Love the dress she chose!


                                She's so damn lucky that she got a dress that is stunning on her AND that fits her! and she's lucky because she got an awesome assistant.


                                  i loooooovvveeee the consultant! she listen to what her want, stay on the budget,and she gave alot option to the bride.great job 👏


                                    Am i the only one who liked the first dress the best? Tho the one she got was nice

                                    Michelle Stella

                                      1:00 translation: he bought himself a new computer and they had a fight because of it 😜

                                      lisa black

                                        Congrats to beautiful bride and her family….what a wonderful stylist…she worked to make her brides dream come true. Best episode yet.

                                        Danielle Denis

                                          Bless her heart!!! She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

                                          mawu s

                                            I was waiting for the veil 😅

                                            Lilly Smith

                                              This is kinda irrelevant but April is such a beautiful name 😘

                                              Gargi Pathak

                                                the episode melts my heart

                                                h. a

                                                  Dress 3 is so beautiful.. The assistant is so kind

                                                  ladybug kmh

                                                    Very very sweet consultant!!

                                                    Mineko *

                                                      I love the assistant, she's polite and kind

                                                      deepthi suthari

                                                        Assistant is so sweet and kind 😍

                                                        Renia daniela Castro

                                                          The dress is cheap and it looks cheap and I don't like it

                                                          sue wills

                                                            I love this you look amazing.good luck on your big day. God bless to your whole family.

                                                            Mariana Robles

                                                              What a difference a supportive and respectful entourage makes.

                                                              Olga Shmtv

                                                                See you dont need 20k to get a beautiful dress!


                                                                  I love this shop! Not enough episodes here!

                                                                  Jamie Josef

                                                                    Ooh I didn’t know they had a SYTTD Canada! This episode was so sweet

                                                                    Avna Bie

                                                                      why repeated episodes whyyyy?????

                                                                      Natalee Denlinger

                                                                        declan is so precious. the bride is absolutely amazing and so is the consultant. I loved this episode

                                                                        Leona Leona

                                                                          This is my favorite consultant. She's genuine and really seems to care.

                                                                          Karen McCabe

                                                                            Beautiful choice and bride.

                                                                            darth vader

                                                                              Where is this like what part of Canada

                                                                              Maddie Waiss

                                                                                When you have been watching say yes to the dress for hours 💁🏼‍♀️

                                                                                Niha Khan

                                                                                  I must say the assistant did her job pretty well and made this appointment so much memorable ❤

                                                                                  Lady Flores

                                                                                    A computer is so much better. I would be mad, if my man passed up a computer. God I love my computer. Forget the ring, get me a tattoo and a computer.
                                                                                    My wedding dress cost less than 50. Our rings are tattoos. Lol

                                                                                    Trinity X

                                                                                      Omg I Love Dress #3 Its Fits Her Body Perfect & She Looks Very Lovely

                                                                                      Book Bag

                                                                                        Why wait last minute to buy a dress?


                                                                                          She gave her a dress over 1000 dollars

                                                                                          Jane Sayers

                                                                                            Beautiful dress looks amazing

                                                                                            C E

                                                                                              I’m sorry why is no one commenting on the fact that this guy was saving up for a computer he needed but decided to buy her ring instead? “He put me in front of his own needs” umm you didn’t NEED a diamond ring, and way to put a piece of jewelry ahead of your fiancée’s needs

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