Bride Picks a Dress Double Her Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Main Bride Picks a Dress Double Her Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Picks a Dress Double Her Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

      Bride Evie immediately spots a big, glittery, pink ball gown that has everything she has ever wanted in a wedding dress, however this perfect frock is double her …

      Jamie Josef

        “You have just made a young girl and a very old Chinese person very happy” lol I love this show

        Jamie Josef

          She’s really an adorable human being

          Koko Weltal

            I love Gok

            Kerry Peterson

              This is my favourite version of SYTTD. Gok is a fairy. So considerate and lovely.

              Elizabeth Ubites

                I just love the way Gok interacts with the bridges😊

                Jypmaknae Trash

                  I really like this bride. She stuck to her budget which her father was paying for. And I respect her for that. And I feel like there's something really genuine about her. I hope she had a beautiful wedding

                  Vidhi Shah

                    They still put her in something higher than her budget😕 but still gok was really nice to her by his gesture❤

                    Anna Quillfeldt

                      What a sweetheart

                      C E

                        Please bring this to the US and get rid of that awful SYTTD Atlanta. I can’t stand Monte but I LOVE GOK!!! 💗

                        Sandu Fernando

                          Randy and gok are so connected with the brides… they are way too different from the one who is in the say yes to the dress uk.

                          whatsapp video status

                            This shop is really wonderful

                            Farah Makarov

                              We have another Randy here YAY!😂❤

                              Not A Snack

                                An American bride would have still tried it on and oblige someone else to pay for it..

                                Jenna Blue

                                  What is the last dress she tried on?? I need to know the designer, it is so beautiful!

                                  Adlan Daniel

                                    Gok = fairy godfather 💞💞💞💞💞💞

                                    Matea Matulić

                                      She’s so pretty

                                      Sushmita Singh

                                        I actually liked the second dress more on her.

                                        bella dep


                                          Lisa Dowdle

                                            Gok you are wonderful!

                                            Namjoon’sHER [MONO]

                                              People who are strict with their budgets are my kind of ppl.

                                              Groovy Lisa

                                                Gok is heaven sent we need more of Gok.


                                                  ey, repping Notts!

                                                  Μελ Αρ

                                                    What a lovely bride! She looks like a fairy

                                                    Ushashree 123

                                                      Very good person.. reduced the price for the bride of her dream dress.. it's great thinking about her dream dress

                                                      Shay Simpson

                                                        Its by Randy, woah

                                                        lavender sky

                                                          She refused to try it because she's well raised and considerate but it meant for her so she got it eventually.

                                                          Ushashree 123

                                                            They should have shown how happy her entourage was after seeing her dream dress

                                                            Neelam Singh

                                                              I only trust Gok and Randy for these issues. Gotta love them.

                                                              DBX DBX

                                                                Gok is the ultimate fairy godfather

                                                                Mylene Malyon

                                                                  Love Gok

                                                                  Sonia Jaisingh

                                                                    Really sweet of Gok to make that effort for the bride.

                                                                    Shani Shani56

                                                                      She is so pretty 😍and she is gorgeous in everything she put on ♥️such a pretty and brave girl

                                                                      Jihyo’s unicorn

                                                                        What a cute bride

                                                                        Yasmin Ahmed

                                                                          Bride was so brave to refuse to try on her dream dress because of the price, but she got the dress in the what a true Princess, thanx Gok..👌🏼

                                                                          rainbow bunny

                                                                            Who is addicted with this channel
                                                                            If u are also give me a like

                                                                            deyashini mondal


                                                                              Nazri Razak

                                                                                Randy fenoli😍😍😍😍

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