Bride Wants a Fabulous Dress But Has a €500 Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

Main Bride Wants a Fabulous Dress But Has a €500 Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Wants a Fabulous Dress But Has a €500 Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Franc has many challenges to overcome to help young bride Abby Ho, first he has to find a fabulous wedding dress under €500 and he also needs to wow her …

      Ai shu

        Omg there was a frog on his coat , remove it of they are toxic

        Fellicia 6_26

          They look kinda Asian!


            That frog though🐸

            Robert The 3rd

              Im sorry but that last dress looked like a toga. The tea length dress with the bow seemed more flattering on her than that long piece of fabric with a belt on the waist.


                OMG. She's asking for a bit too much isnt she? She wants an expensive dress for peanuts. Plus she has left it to the last minute and she's plus size

                Aly M

                  The back is gorgeous! 💕

                  Manue Mauricio

                    Her Entourage was so supportive and fun


                      The frog pin cracks me up – I love this guy!

                      Маче 21

                        Yeah the dress is nice and all,but

                        Why is there a frog on this man?!?

                        Beautiful Beloved

                          The off the shoulder made her look matronly..


                            Thank god per that second dress was horrendous! How anyone liked that grandma dress. Thank goodness she chose that last dress

                            maria rosales

                              She's getting married on my birthday!!😂😂

                              Dee Lg

                                With sisters who needs paparazzi bridesmaids !!

                                712 Divinity

                                  Her personality is beautiful

                                  Rebecca Warden

                                    i audibly gasped at this one, this show is absolutely lovely

                                    Shaista Sadaf

                                      That 3rd dress was amazing for 350 euros. Wow. It was really good for the price.

                                      Jenette Merlini

                                        Ohhh so ugly 😨 the 3rd one is Princess Aurora. The stylist should be ashamed of himself. And he's way too pushy to ask her if it's the one and make the sale. Her friends did good 🤗😍 and saved the appointment 👏 it looks beautiful on her.

                                        Menna Mohamed

                                          Pretty bride, pretty sisters, some nice dresses and a scary frog brooch


                                            If this was the UK one, they'd give her a dress for £2000 😂

                                            Rosani Lebron

                                              What I like the most about this episode is for "brides to be" to see that they can look wonderful and gorgeous without breaking the bank. They can be the most beautiful brides within their budgets.


                                                Jeez! Gimme some of those genes, they're all gorgeous O. o

                                                Ruchika Chawla

                                                  What is that frog doing on his suit?

                                                  Jemma J

                                                    The frog was very distracting, sorry 😅

                                                    Tamika Halls

                                                      Lol the sisters are so beautiful lol

                                                      Doreen Patterson

                                                        This is a more realistic situation and budget.

                                                        Lisa B

                                                          That first dress suck


                                                            Ok but can we appreciate how beautiful all that girls are…like wow they've really hit the gene jackpot.


                                                              The dress is perfect.

                                                              Really, if your budget is $1,000 and under, you’d have more choices in an outlet.

                                                              I’ve seen some absolutely miraculous bargains.

                                                              vio la

                                                                For the title of the video: It’s 500€ not €500

                                                                GR. Hollman

                                                                  You are lovely Dear!

                                                                  L.R. Red

                                                                    She made the right choice.

                                                                    Neha Roy

                                                                      Everything apart he is wearing FROG BROOCH 😦


                                                                        This would be tough but so interesting. The average person only has 500.00 for a gown to be honest. The only reason why most have more of a budget is due to it being a gift that someone saved years for or a combined purchase
                                                                        ~ gift help

                                                                        Avna Bie

                                                                          I lovvvvveeeeeeee syttd ireland! Of all, Ireland's is the most reasonallble with actually nice designs


                                                                            500€ budget and they managed to pull it off AND have a happy bride?! GTFO! That is awesome!

                                                                            Laura M.

                                                                              This show is a hundred times better than the one in New York. No one is looking down on you if your budget is under 3K and the consultants aren't as pushy for a sale.

                                                                              Janhavi bajpai

                                                                                I got sacred with the frog brooch

                                                                                Holly Warehouse

                                                                                  Lol- I FEEL FOR THIS BRIDE, whenever I got married my grandfather gave me a budget of $150 dollars! I paid the rest ($275) back in 1997…. but got a gorgeous floor length tulle halter style on clearance!
                                                                                  I understand budget and wish her the best! ♥️


                                                                                    That frog is disgusting and distracting

                                                                                    sonali ghadi

                                                                                      The frog on his suit scared the crap out of me

                                                                                      Stefania Woo-Glover

                                                                                        My budget was £500 too but I fell in love with a £699 dress, and alteration will cost another £100. Managed to find the same dress second handed of exactly my height (and already bustled) under budget!

                                                                                        golgi apparatus

                                                                                          All of them have such beautiful faces !

                                                                                          ruqayyah rashid

                                                                                            if this was the one with david emmanuel it would’ve been a nightmare w the budget

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