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      Bride Wants Bridesmaids to Go Over Budget! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Tinnell McIntyre has high expectation when it comes to the dresses she wants her bridesmaids to wear and dresses that meet her high expectations usually …

      emerald washington

        there is something wrong with the bride there's is no way the bridesmaids are gonna pay $500 to $600 dollars for a ugly purple dress that nobody likes

        G T

          It’s so strange that people make their bridesmaids pay for their dresses. In my culture we pay for the groomsmen and bridesmaid’s outfit

          Vinusha P

            4:13… the bride's comment was so mean.. oh come on.. they aren't your "maids" but just a "bridesmaid " . Dont treat them as such u girl!

            1000 -7

              My question is, why are they putting up with her in the first place?

              Sammy Marie

                She’s lucky that ANY of them want to be involved in her wedding TBH…


                  That chicks a definite bridezilla. If she tried to force me to go over my budget for a dress not only would i not be a bridesmaid i wouldnt even bother to be a guest.
                  If you dont have enough respect for your friends to not try to send them into bankruptcy for a single day than your not the type of person i want as a friend.

                  Elena Land

                    Wow she is mean
                    She should spend time fixing that face as she is ugly and her personality is a match
                    Fix your face and leave your poor friends alone

                    Nena h

                      The bride hair is on fleek 😍😍♥️

                      Hannah Weant


                        Deniz Aktürk

                          I’m so sorry for her husband to be 😩 And probably she doesn’t want that her bridesmaids be gorgeous, exact opposite she wants them look bad as it possibly


                            What the bridesmaids want? Whats it matter. What a bitch not a true friend at all. Total cow. I wonder how many of the bridesmaids shes still friends with

                            Aimee Alius

                              2:06 when that girl said "oh no ma am" i almost died.

                              Tonya Brabra

                                She’s acting like this is a wedding for royalty like girl calm down

                                Tonya Brabra

                                  She’s so bossy

                                  Tonya Brabra

                                    The bride is beautiful 😍😍

                                    Carmen Castelló

                                      This woman is nuts. Also her wedding dress is basic af, nothing special.

                                      Anita Ramrattan

                                        She has no understanding. And marriage will need alot of that. She needs to mature. Let's all say a prayer for her husband. 🙏

                                        Sara Israel

                                          I hate stupid selfish people. I would tell her to KMA and walk out. to hell with her and her wedding

                                          Isabella Roselyn

                                            When the bride turns into a bridezilla

                                            Evelyn Kwashie



                                                no ma'am, i could never be friends with a girl like that.

                                                Jolee Ulman

                                                  and the big sale was lost

                                                  Elizabeth Aestiep

                                                    Idk why but this series always reminds me of an old video,maybe from 2013 because of the way everybody dress

                                                    Farhana Sarmin

                                                      That is not pink.


                                                        Hahhah 2:13 love that moment 👏👏👏👏

                                                        yangster lively

                                                          I do not care how long you and i are friends but if it's your wedding and I'm paying for my own dress, it better be within my budget orn I'm walking out on you girl

                                                          comfort zone

                                                            How she has 15 bridesmaids!??
                                                            I thought they need to be close friends not just people you know 🤷

                                                            And 500 for a dress !??
                                                            Is she crazy !
                                                            I do not know why they put up with her BS!?

                                                            tanisha –

                                                              this is why i hate sority girls

                                                              The mystery lady Mystery

                                                                “They knew that it wasn’t gonna be fun”. Aren’t weddings meant to be fun???

                                                                avinilia !

                                                                  candice looks kinda like hannah montana

                                                                  avinilia !

                                                                    the bride is horrible, jesus

                                                                    Anná Louise

                                                                      What a twat

                                                                      Lju – Bica

                                                                        Oh my God….

                                                                        Maria Rivera

                                                                          You guys should help Catherine Paiz from the Ace Family choose her wedding dress!!!

                                                                          Jollybell Chua

                                                                            I honestly feel like
                                                                            – The bride is way too demanding
                                                                            -The bridesmaid shouldn't have accepted the offer knowing what they have to pay for if they aren't willing to.

                                                                            Laura Plato

                                                                              Why are all the American ones so tacky

                                                                              Jeremy Arce

                                                                                that purple dress is so ugly

                                                                                Jemi Agapitus


                                                                                  Wanna Beth

                                                                                    To be honest, I would ALWAYS want to be just a guest. What are the advantages you have as a bride's maid? We don't have this culture where I live, so I am honestly curious

                                                                                    Natalie Mahash

                                                                                      I will gladly resign from being a bridesmaid. One really needs to consider the financial status of their friends before they start going around making demands. And the bridal dress isn't that dramatic in my opinion.

                                                                                      Crazycatgirl 99

                                                                                        No one is going to pay £500 for a dress never mind going over budget. Bridezillas getting out of control

                                                                                        Emma Warren

                                                                                          Does it matter?Yesssss this is alot of different women in your bridal party.100-200 is a bridesmaid dress with shoes, accessories,and alterations included.Some bridal boutiques put all of that in the price.

                                                                                          Terry Baby

                                                                                            Is the groom well known? Bridezilla spoke as if people were supposed to know his name.

                                                                                            tahia banu

                                                                                              This was filmed in 2012. Googled it!


                                                                                                Ignorance is so unattractive on a bride

                                                                                                Paint Rider

                                                                                                  Emailing to ask people to be in a wedding? Very tacky

                                                                                                  Buck Fuddy

                                                                                                    2:40 girl, fix those highlights!!!

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