Bride Wants Entourage To Cry Before Saying Yes To The Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

Main Bride Wants Entourage To Cry Before Saying Yes To The Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Wants Entourage To Cry Before Saying Yes To The Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Bride Marie Moore has previously been wedding dress shopping in Dublin but none of the dresses she tried on has given her that “bridal feeling”. Will she be …

      Rosa poya mehr

        Oh god she made the best choice when she wear the second dress and said yes . I was just thinking no no don’t take the 3rd go back and wear the second come on don’t wear this one .


          Y does the consultant think she's a 'plain jane'?…bcos she has specs and natural hair???

          MEMEGIRL xD

            She had such a good body

            Deb Marshall

              Both were great dresses. The fun ruffle one looked 👀 fantastic on her! It was the right choice. Of course, that’s my opinion but I do think she chose the best one for her!


                I just don't understand the appeal of mermaid cuts. So comical

                Sonam Samal

                  I love the dresses of Ireland…

                  Maria Tomlinson

                    she has no ass


                      Her hair makes me so sad


                        The 2nd dress!

                        Vicky A

                          I wish they took a little more time to style her hair while she was in the second dress. They did it for the third one..

                          R K

                            Her body is amazing!


                              She is a Gemini

                              I just know it

                              salsa picante

                                I thought the title said Israel instead of Ireland and I was like ‘why do they all have Irish accents’


                                  What a sweetheart! Perfect choice!

                                  Sandra Adams

                                    I have been watching say yes to the dress for years, this bride is far and away my favorite!

                                    pink sprinkles

                                      Love the second dress on her! She made the right choice 🙂

                                      Darah Lee

                                        I honestly hate simple dresses, she made the right choice

                                        Julie farmer

                                          Yes I got cold chills when I seen her with Vail and the ruffle dress

                                          M Kuti-Childress

                                            Dress three is exactly what I would pick if I were getting married again! But she made the right choice for her. Gorgeous!

                                            Lima Bean

                                              She looked so romantic and fun in the ruffle dress but she looked so classy and elegant in the satin dress, but she looked gorgeous in both.
                                              It just depends on what wedding style you are going for.

                                              Ya girl

                                                This girl reminds me dead ass of Meredith from BRAVE 🤣wth


                                                  💖 I love dress number three. That is more my style. 💖

                                                  Mandi G

                                                    Love this bride!!!! She's just so funny!!

                                                    Hayfa Mess

                                                      you can see and tell that amazing dress was made for her ❤ it fits her personality and her body at the same time ❤ how amazing is that 😍😍😍

                                                      Karen McCabe

                                                        Stunning choice!

                                                        Bee Bumble

                                                          For a moment there I thought someone was going to finally pick a beautiful modest dress
                                                          But nope.

                                                          Hilary C

                                                            I didn't care for any of the dresses, but I did like the colour. I get really sick of seeing white white white, and the colour really suited her.

                                                            Maryam Radwan

                                                              Sweet bride, loved her through the screen,May Allah bless her marriage and her life

                                                              Norm Rayos

                                                                Jeez! She has like the perfect Barbie body for mermaid dresses! I’m so happy she chose the fun one!

                                                                The third dress was Very elegant, but I don’t think it was as flattering. If you have a body like that, I mean…I’d want to show it off!


                                                                  I’m happy she choose the second dress it’s gorgeous on her and the color suits her wonderfully

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