Bridezilla Might Make Bridesmaids Wear a Dress They Hate! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Main Bridezilla Might Make Bridesmaids Wear a Dress They Hate! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

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      Bridezilla Might Make Bridesmaids Wear a Dress They Hate! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Julie Pavich, a self professed “bridezilla”, is not taking any prisoners during her bridesmaids appointment. Will this opinionated bride make her bridesmaids wear …


        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's what she gets for picking an ugly dress

        P. H

          I’m the surprised that bridesmaid has any friends.

          V Gabur

            the bride is nasty! if I where those bridesmaids. I would walk out on her no taste at all…

            Dr. Periwinkle

              Although the bride having “honorary bridesmaids” is ridiculous, tbh she wasn’t that bad!
              If someone was like, “I’m not going to be in your wedding if I have to wear this” I’d be pretty offended.

              Amanda Deardorff

                The bride has horrible taste and a horrible attitude


                  She looks like a drag queen


                    This bride was actually picking the least flattering dresses for these girls. The insecure idea behind is is that nothing should outshine her. Guess what? The entire wedding is somewhat a reflection on the couple, so unflattering dresses set a tone. Lori saves the day. Hallelujah is right.

                    BeBo Afsha

                      Okay so these episodes are from 2008 because their makeup, dresses and brows are old fashioned.

                      Lynette dunn

                        Why have an honary bride's maid

                        Keyla Jimenez

                          Your fiancé is carrying the eyebrows in the relationship

                          fucker who pings

                            I do think setting up rules for a wedding might be important but don't do it as classes

                            Valerie King

                              It's so obvious some of the stuff they do in these episodes is strictly for ratings.


                                Get rid of that makeup and then you are perfect.

                                Maude Dillin

                                  "Honey, this is not the government. This is a wedding " lmao Lori

                                  Karin Bancic

                                    Thanks for making us Croatians "proud"……… 😑………

                                    Thanos IsDead

                                      No offense but the one bridesmaid or honour bridesmaid (idk) looks like ursula

                                      KittyKat Galore

                                        I honestly don't understand bride's like this. If you don't care about your friends feelings why are you friends with them.

                                        Wolfy Wolf

                                          Ong!! Can someone fix this bridemades eyebrows 🤮😷

                                          Hanan Style

                                            Why are all the dresses stuck in the 2000s 😂

                                            Faiza Naeem

                                              I like the lady designer

                                              Faiza Naeem

                                                Shot the selfish bride

                                                Joy Soni

                                                  I shall be a guest thank you.

                                                  K D

                                                    i'm sorry but where is this store getting their bridesmaid's dresses from? They're all always SO HORRENDOUS

                                                    miaskittens D

                                                      Really though; Ursla did your eye makeup… Right?

                                                      Elise Mariolis

                                                        Id be like "you want me to spend HUNDREDS of dollars so I can NOT be a bridesmaid in your wedding? Fuck you, get married alone!"


                                                          I don't think any of the bridesmaid dresses they show are particularly attractive! They're all about 30 years out of date.

                                                          Mel Robertson

                                                            The fact that relationships don't matter as long as she gets her way is so sad, mom and dad didn't help her at all by letting get her way😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧😦😧

                                                            sanja bogović

                                                              no bride in Croatia that i ever knew was a bitch….we care more about having fun at weddings than being neurotic,manipulating assholes.

                                                              Marin White

                                                                its her wedding not the bridesmaids wedding also honorary is even more important than bridesmaid

                                                                Haifa Salem

                                                                  How old is this episode?! Their makeup and outfit is so 2007!

                                                                  KRYS S.Philly

                                                                    She's picking ugly dresses so no one looks better than her. She's trying to embarrass them.

                                                                    libny peralta

                                                                      Nobody else is bothered by that girls eyebrows?

                                                                      Katie Cullen

                                                                        " I feel like a pumpkin gone wrong "

                                                                        mdms2310 md

                                                                          These are called "frenemies" 😂 😂

                                                                          Ashley Babson

                                                                            Why would you treat people eho live you and are willing to spend their money and time to stand with you?? She better be actting cause if I saw this I would walk away as a friend.

                                                                            Saddiya Hussain

                                                                              Was it filmed in 90s ?????

                                                                              Kristy. B

                                                                                Julie has worst taste than a 1 yo baby and that’s saying a lot considering thy only wear diapers

                                                                                Kristy. B

                                                                                  Bride: I think you guys are so special…wanna be my bridesmaids??

                                                                                  Bride talking to same group: but you two you wanna be my honorary bridesmaids??

                                                                                  Chloé Wilkinson

                                                                                    I don't find her 'rules' that bad… So she wants her bridesmaids to have a cohesive look? So do I!

                                                                                    Chloé Wilkinson

                                                                                      I don't find her 'rules' that bad… So she wants her bridesmaids to have a cohesive look? So do I!


                                                                                        What’s with the bridesmaid with the Cruella de Ville eyebrows???

                                                                                        Glade Fotografer

                                                                                          One of the bridesmaids looks lik a drag artist.

                                                                                          Pandy Mtz

                                                                                            I understand that one would want their bridesmaids to wear what the bride wants and that’s good because it is her wedding BUT the bride has to keep in mind who is going to buy and wear the dress so try to find something BOTH like enough for the bride to accept it and enough for the bride to feel comfortable👍🏼

                                                                                            demi jesika

                                                                                              I love Alex 😂😂 she's total mood

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