Brie Larson Isn't Respected In Hollywood As Captain Marvel And Here's Why

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      Brie Larson Isn't Respected In Hollywood As Captain Marvel And Here's Why

      Brie Larson Controversy Surrounding MCU Captain Marvel Role Subscribe to our channel: Even if you’re not a huge Marvel movie fan, …


        The Equal opportunities act states very clearly that everyone has a equal chance to be a film critic or whatever they want to be. As long as you put in the work that is.

        Just because women choose not to work and apply for these positions does not give anyone the right to say they are underrepresented. To do that is show you are just virtue signalling and trying to shame people who have worked hard to get where they are. Everyone has obsicals in their way when trying to achieve their dreams, to blame a certain race or gender by misrepresenting people's choice as underrepresented is to show you to be a racist, sexist bigot.

        If you don't believe me then where are all the news stories with the tagline: I am the best person for the job but I wasn't hired because I'm a woman as a film critic.

        Jack Ganbaatar

          All the commenters below are white males??? haha. They seem pissed! LOL.
          Go Brie, Go Captain Marvel. Piss off the white males more.

          gio lag

            this movie is the major flop after sharknado,

            indeed sharknado was much better

            cause they didn't have brielarson

            Kaleem ullah

              Hey you mispronounced Kevin Fah-ghee not feej.


                Wow this video is truly hated!


                  "Beloved fictional character Carol Danvers" pffft….im sorry..beloved? Maybe when she was Ms. Marvel. But now? Lmao HELL no

                  jolien-susannah camps

                    Brie Larson is toxic. No one can change my mind!


                      The Talko you've fallen so low and bias, why don't you mention about the Censorhip and fake positive reviews on rottentomatoes ?!? It says it all !
                      Captain Brietard a real SJW fighing for feminism has come to ruin the MCU.
                      Just re-cast this idiotic captain retard !


                        Captain Marvel is dope!!! I Loved it!!!

                        dr raju nagar

                          Dumbest video I have come across on the internet

                          Angelico Argosino

                            This is history in the making not only for feminism but for no gender policy filmography. Many Prominent Actors before were ridiculed, judged, and criticized due their liberal opinions and their casting is an odd choice for the moviegoers, but HEY, soon you will gonna love Brie Larson what she stands for. Those man babies and fake propagandists will EAT UP their own hateful words. I betcha. They will love Captain Marvel in many sequels and her features to come in MCU. You pre-judged her starring role without examining the film, it's like judging an Art Painting without seeing it in your own EYES. NARROW MINDED PEOPLE tryna bring down a one woman into pity instead of supporting her cause to entertain and influence the modern girls with fairness and equality in the Journalist Table.

                            Pavle Brkic

                              But why does it matter if its a man or woman lead, i don't get you people… If it's a good movie who cares, and for the stupid thing that critics are 80% white males how can you just merge a group of people like that, they are all different individuals, maybe we should look who is more qualified for the job not what color their skin is.

                              J G

                                lol men are so emotional


                                  When you have a stupid leftist liberal sjw as your actor

                                  manisha koirala

                                    Well.. Hollywood don't deserve her..

                                    Vishambar Chauhan

                                      Captain marvel is a huge hit.

                                      Vishambar Chauhan

                                        Why so many dislikes? Sexist white men

                                        SHADOW BANNED

                                          man, her stupid face is so punchable lol

                                          Vishambar Chauhan

                                            These quotes are not complete. Shame on you talko

                                            Vishambar Chauhan

                                              So much hate coming from people who have nothing better to do in their life

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