Brooklyn & Bailey Move Back Home for the Summer

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      Brooklyn & Bailey Move Back Home for the Summer

      In this week’s #BehindTheBraids vlog you’re going to see the whole family going to Ham Orchards, and Brooklyn & Bailey come HOME for the #summer!

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        What are you and your family looking forward to in the summer?? Comment below! 💋's – Mindy

        Noor Zainab

          Ugh I still have 2 papers left

          Noor Raja

            I love y Mindy ur soooo nice plz give me a shoutout I’m ur biggest fan 💋💋💋💋👇🏻

            Liz Warwick

              Mindy, if it's any consolation: my Dad has been away for my Mum's birthday weekend every year (as he attends the British Grand Prix), but they are celebrating 50 years of marriage this summer, so perhaps it is a recipe for success!!

              Pug Lover

                Americans have such a long summervacation! Gosh. In Norway the school lasts another month! Our summer is 2 months long. School ends mid june and starts again mid august.

                Josée Klappe

                  I freaking love this family 💕


                    Am 35yrs old…Please come adopt me 🙂

                    Finn Enoksen

                      I know it sounds crazy but the mother looks pretty and their daughters looks pretty too 💖

                      TUSHTI R

                        Isn't Bailey on a holiday with asa 's family (she posted a story on Instagram)??????


                          Jordan page!!!

                          Crowned Lily

                            Back home for the Summer while it's still Spring.

                            Susan Cao

                              Where is Kamri?

                              Claire Dumapias

                                I love your family❤

                                Hello ECK

                                  Awww! Sooo sweet and cute!💗💕💗💕💗💕

                                  Cadys Corner

                                    So glad they are back for the summer! ♥️♥️👍👍

                                    Ali Lamb

                                      Awww amazing omg loved this so much 💕💕

                                      Clara loves

                                        Rylan is turning into such a beautiful girl ❤️

                                        Heather Priest

                                          Love Paisley's reaction to Brooklyn and Bailey being home.

                                          Kate Vanden Brink

                                            Are those Bollie Brand robes?! A crossover between two of my favorite Youtubers!

                                            Free_Running_ 56

                                              Brooklyn so adorable and y’all the best fam

                                              Christina Noxon

                                                you guys having fun over there

                                                anne gethro!

                                                  here in asia summer is almost over! i hope y'all will have a good summer!

                                                  Cindy Lopez

                                                    Why where they wearing jackets at the begining of the video ?


                                                      Love y'all so much 😍 I have the same NASA sweater as Rylan had!

                                                      Adrienne Knoblock

                                                        rylans so pretty

                                                        Kailyn Binkley

                                                          Good luck tonight with the storms. I wish u the best❤️

                                                          Natalie Brooks

                                                            Like to see CGH do an updated school morning routine

                                                            Grace Caligiuri

                                                              What brand are Rylan's glasses?? I think they are SO cute!!! Love y'all!💖

                                                              Sky vs Ty

                                                                When Rylan yawned I yawned. (: It's contagious!

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