Buying outfits in CHARITY SHOPS! (Thrift shopping!) ~ Freddy My Love

Main Buying outfits in CHARITY SHOPS! (Thrift shopping!) ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Buying outfits in CHARITY SHOPS! (Thrift shopping!) ~ Freddy My Love

      You’ve all been waiting for it… a charity shop/thrift shopping haul! So much fun! Don’t forget to subscribe please PREVIOUS VIDEO …

      Freddy My Love

        Incase you didn’t hear me in the video, please keep your opinions on my hair to yourself. It’s not constructive, it’s unnecessary and mean. I absolutely love it and if you don’t that’s fine but there’s literally no need to let me know unless you’re trying to make me feel bad, in which case, re evaluate yourself as a person. Lots of love to everyone else 💗

        Felicity L

          I absolutely love ur hair! I recently got mine cut in a similar style 😍😘

          Victoria Vale

            FREDDY YOU HAVE BANGS 😍😍😍 they look seriously incredible on you! I got bangs a while back now and I’m never looking back! Welcome to the club you gorgeous queen! 💕💕💕

            Anna C

              I wish I could get a fringe but I can’t because I’m not allowed for ballet. You look so incredible and gorgeous. I want to be just like you 💘💘💘


                I need to head to a Kensington charity shop


                  Love your hair, Freddy 😁 looks different than what we are used to, but still really Freddy. Looks more grown up, professional and polished, but still playful 😊


                    Do a vintage clothing video to go with your new hair.


                      Love the 60's bangs

                      Rhianna Paul

                        Wow wow wow! Your fringe looks gorgeous 😍🥰

                        Emily J C F Diamond

                          Very inspiring Freddie Xx

                          Mini Tegan

                            I spend my life in charity shops and I always find the most amazing stuff!

                            Jane Doe

                              Oh you remind me of Barbara Eden in I Dream Of Jeannie! So cute!!!

                              Big Glasses & Coffee Cups

                                That navy dress looks amazing! Definitely worth that price, it fits you so well.

                                Lauren Nicole

                                  Charity shops don’t wash the clothes. They could do with opening windows to help with the smell. I know in winter it’s too cold but even in summer here none of them have any fresh air coming in and that would help massively with the musty smell

                                  Lola Belle

                                    aha why cant i pull off all hair like freddy!

                                    Dorottya Tar

                                      The good message in the video has been ruined by this thumbnail. As a charity shop volunteer who desperately try to break the sigma about the charity shops, I wish you would have choosen a different, "positive attitude" thumbnail to this video. It would have come across so much better in my opinion. But I am glad that you at least decided to talk about it and do your research.


                                        Hi Freddy
                                        This video is quite nice actually! Thank you 🙂
                                        Can you please do a video on trends this year..?

                                        JAWAN AL-MUTAIRI

                                          U look like princess Aurora

                                          Camille Mcconnell

                                            I don’t get y everyone thinks she looks like tinker bell with her fridge. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤯

                                            Unity Toher

                                              Hey Freddy! I absolutely LOVE the new hair it suits you so much and looks so classy! I would love to get my hair cut like this, I was just wondering how you described the fringe style to the salon / did you show them a picture? I’m struggling to find the right terminology to use!! Thank you ❤️❤️xx

                                              Issy Monty

                                                You are definitely one of my favorite YouTubers EVER❤️❤️❤️ xxxx

                                                Kathea Maclang

                                                  Love love love the new intro!!


                                                    I love your bangs so much i want them myself

                                                    paula mcclelland

                                                      Yay for freddy hitting the charity shops! I'm doing a year long no new clothes (and shoes, bags & accessories) shopping ban so I've been having the odd look in the 2nd hand shops. One thing to keep in mind about price is the rent the shop has to pay but also their dumping fees as so many people now are donating a lot of product on them, some of which is not saleable 😒♥️ Love the new hair, I think it's a tad more youthful looking 😍

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