Buying Outfits In TKMAXX! (I can't BELIEVE it what I bought!) ~ Freddy My Love

Main Buying Outfits In TKMAXX! (I can't BELIEVE it what I bought!) ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Buying Outfits In TKMAXX! (I can't BELIEVE it what I bought!) ~ Freddy My Love

      The next episode in my shopping challenge series! Today I tried to find Freddy worthy outfits in none other than TK MAXX! *affiliate links used, and some items …

      Ch De

        I never really liked tkmax but you never know what you can find 😉

        Eve Dale

          Love you you are so fashiobable

          Michelle Thomas LPCC

            Marika is a sportwear line and it has been around forever

            Fiona Wong

              Girl dont justify your purchases at tjmaxx based on what the original price was. Those prices are usually marked up.

              Tin Bernas

                I'm in love with the pink coat 💗

                Olivia June

                  I think TJ MAX owns 'Home Goods' in the US…and to me this sounds like the 'Home Sense' you speak of


                    It's funny how she acts like a millionaire by some of the things she says and acts

                    Cynthia R

                      I found a PRADA Bag there (original, brown deerskin large shoulder bag) almost 15 years ago, just put out in store priced at $1200; tags attached & cards inside. My friend had just bought the same bag in navy for $4000 at the Galleria boutique. Opened a TJM credit card to get additional 10% off. Also found a Gucci watch.

                      Marilyn Hodgkinson

                        Hi Freddy we have TKMAXX in Australia, love shopping there they have some great bargains. I love the bag you bought and that pink Jacket, also those shoes are really perfect. Great video Thanks Freddy.xxxx

                        anna harding

                          Ours is called HomeGoods

                          Kendall Knaus

                            Monicker Jacket is a dream! You are such fun- thanks for the great post! Big ❤️ from Texas 🌟

                            Megan LaBudda

                              So the US does actually have a sister store to TJ Maxx called HomeGoods!

                              Mikoto Chenmai

                                This might sound really weird, but every time Freddy comes out with a video, I automatically give it a like. I can tell her videos aren’t getting as many views as they did before, so I do all I can as a faithful viewer. I love you so much Freddy! Been a fan for 4 years, consistently!

                                suzannah kelly

                                  Canada – Winners (TK/TJ Maxx ) and Homesense

                                  Brian Dèz

                                    I love these series of videos. I know you’ve done a thrift shop ver. but would love an American ver. one if you ever comeback to the states. Goodwill is the most popular one. Also Buffalo Exchange :$

                                    Vanessa Pedraza

                                      can you do an updated skincare routine!!

                                      Kaitlyn Chartrand

                                        I love Freddy’s girly style so much! Pink is the vast colour!
                                        Ps. YouTuber here if anyone wants to subscribe:)

                                        Lewis Gallacher

                                          I got a black version of the moncler jacket in tkmaxx for 90 pound before Christmas


                                            I like TK maxx! Excelent for a home decor stuff too., candles… I like those blouses and cream color fleece and the zara dress so pretty.
                                            I have for eg. One denim shorts with a flower rose print been wearing them for last 8 years washed many times. Just my fave plus some other outfits with lace.

                                            Mary Murphy

                                              Tk Maxx is the worst especially in Ireland.
                                              All the rubbish stuff is all way over priced and she's right it's a real RUBBISH bin.

                                              Beki Carson

                                                Just wanting to point out red tickets don't always mean there's something wrong with a product. Items get reduced after being in store for 6 weeks and go into clearance hence the red labels. Damaged items also have red tickets but will also be noted on the label there's a damage.

                                                le le

                                                  $80 for dolce and gabanna shoes??!?! thats really a steal

                                                  le le

                                                    that pink business bag is beautiful 💕💕💕

                                                    le le

                                                      I just went today to the American version
                                                      TJ Maxx 😁😁

                                                      Hannah Fuller
                                                        Rafiya Haque

                                                          I need tk max and home sense in my lifeeee and my country.

                                                          chantel george

                                                            Love the video

                                                            Chitoge Kirisaki

                                                              I don’t support dolce and gabanna so I’d never buy those

                                                              Chitoge Kirisaki

                                                                The red label does not mean there is a defect, it means it’s been reduced

                                                                Ольга Мустафа

                                                                  I love this d&g shoes 😍

                                                                  Kelli Marissa

                                                                    The US version of HomeSense is called HomeGoods! And it's amazing lol

                                                                    Carole Wright

                                                                      Takky Makky!!! Love it!

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