Buying second hand clothing from DEPOP! (+ some online selling tips!) ~ Freddy My Love

Main Buying second hand clothing from DEPOP! (+ some online selling tips!) ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Buying second hand clothing from DEPOP! (+ some online selling tips!) ~ Freddy My Love

      All aboard the thrifty train… today I unbox my online second hand finds from Depop! Don’t forget to subscribe! LAST WEEKS VIDEO- …

      K. Sa

        The poppers on the sleeves are to keep your bra straps in place underneath

        Grace Davies

          love this! and the planet

          Emily Skinner

            The real thing starts at 5:02! Thank me later!

            Btw small youtuber!


              The second I saw that dress I was like Oh my god Blair!!! Please make a Blair Waldorf look book I am obsessed with all of her outfits but I struggle to recreate them with 2019 pieces.

              Josephine S

                dont forget part of buying sustainably is that you dont buy as much. i understand for videos you may need to at times, but its better to get more wear from clothes you already have instead of buying more even if thats secondhand purchases.

                Spacex 1


                  Marilyn Hodgkinson

                    Hi Freddy hope you get the marks out of those clothes. They were really lovely. xxxx

                    Mani Zha

                      i want that dress tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                      isla emous

                        Nice video VERY aesthetic but even her clothes go with her room theme!!!

                        Sierra P.

                          A couple months ago I saw the white Blair dress in a charity shop for $30 and I thought of you! It was the smallest size (I forgot if it was 0, 00 or x-small) and sadly it was a tiny bit too tight for me at least 🙁 It was so fun just seeing it in person though. Gave me such memories of watching gossip girl and I recognized it right away

                          Cecily Hughs

                            That shirt with the ‘poppers’ on the sleeves, you put those around your bra straps so they don’t peek out from the shirt.

                            molly j

                              are the poppers to hide a bra strap?

                              Cristina Coj

                                The poppers are to secure your bra so that isn’t visible

                                Antonio Gomes

                                  Love.. the…coat.

                                  Muse Hashtag13

                                    you’re not gonna try them on? 🙁

                                    Jade Corona

                                      Keep up the thrifting !! The more you do it the better you are at determining what’s good and what’s not worth the risk. Online is always dicey that’s why I prefer going to actual thrift shops.

                                      do-quyen pham

                                        I totally recognized that white dress when you opened it! Such an awesome find.

                                        Muskan Saraf

                                          Where is try on?

                                          vaniaa amarilla

                                            We Need you to use a second camera to show a full body apretiation of your outfits, love you!!!!

                                            Kaa La

                                              I sell on posh both high and low items with quality brands if anyone wants to follow each other 😊 my name is kaalas

                                              Christine Robitaille

                                                There's one Blaire Waldorf dress I've always been dying to get. I think it's also that Marc Jacobs and it was a nude lace dress she wore for thanksgiving

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