Buying Things Advertised To Me On Social Media! ~ How Well Does My Phone Know Me? ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Buying Things Advertised To Me On Social Media! ~ How Well Does My Phone Know Me? ~ Freddy My Love

      Today I attempt a haul based only on things that were advertised to me on social media! Are our phones spying on us? Let’s find out! Products linked below …

      Ulviyya Sultanli

        it's funny because the ad that popped up in this video for me was lipton ice tea

        Ale Hidalgo

          I first came across the brand Charles and Keith when I lived in Singapore a few years back, it is a really amazing store and it's affordable. Great Quality shoes and cute designs.

          Jane Nguyễn

            Actually there are couple of videos about this concept: buying clothes suggested by Instagram… Mia Maple has one like this too

            Nandine Jha

              Freddy u r just so ,like I don't know what to say u r my biggest inspo. Love ya!!!!!😀

              Jacqueline Hernandez


                Trisha Yu

                  I love Charles and Keith! They have the prettiest bags and shoes!

                  Amber Nelson

                    Safiya Nygaard did a whole series of videos like this, starting a couple years back with different social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc)! But maybe you haven’t seen them. They’re entertaining, you should check them out! The little pink Guess bag is very cute, it reminds me of Mean Girls haha

                    Kaede c

                      Next time you don’t upload a new video could you please announce on Instagram or something?? I was so worried if you quit YouTube😫😂

                      Lexi Lilium

                        Safiya Nygaard, Babe.


                          when I was on holidays I've bought the second guess bag (the brown one) as well😍I immediately thought of you💕😘😅I love it as well it's so so nice and it fits to so many things😍
                          but I bought it before uploaded this video so I was really excited when I saw you in this video with this bag😱🙊😍💕

                          Slut O’Crat

                            This was so fun to watch.

                            Yours Truly

                              I was quite surprised when you mentioned that you don't shop at Guess. I was under the impression that its a brand you love, similar to Ted Baker, considering you've had several collaborations with them in the past and that you always put emphasis on the fact that you only collaborate with brands that you already love. This isn't coming from a place of hate btw, I was just genuinely surprised! Love your videos! xx

                              Bella Duff

                                I loved your video Freddy! 💖💖xx

                                Rochika Shrestha

                                  Charles and Keith is an amazing brand ♥️

                                  yeah hi

                                    Lmao Safiya Nygaard has tons of videos where she buys products that are advertised for her – on instagram, facebook, by influencers, etc.


                                      Glad that Charles & Keith made its way to you! In my country, they’re everywhere in major malls

                                      Jade featherston

                                        She always makes me want to watch Legally Blonde and every Barbie movie ever

                                        Simay Berre

                                          Omg you have to keep everything 😭🤯

                                          emily tanner

                                            All the shoes in China have those hooks on their shoes. It is really convenient! Loved this haul, but would love to see a try-on. Especially that oversized white dress☺️.

                                            Antonio Gomes

                                              I told myself "today was wonderful, received a few packages, helped make one of my all time favorite guitar riffs and the only thing that could possibly make it better is if Freddy uploaded an awesome video."……….. and here we are.

                                              Fiola Kuhon

                                                Please do a Charles & Keith haul 😍 Great video anw 👍

                                                No Name

                                                  Why so much hate on Freddy?! Leave her alone. Nothing good comes from hatred.

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