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      This is the hardest video I’ve ever had to make, please try to watch the entire video before commenting. If you must comment, please keep it respectful. xo’s ~ Tati …

      Raegan Sanders

        And the lesson is to James, grow up and don’t be immature. She did this repeatedly out of love, but now it’s out of complete frustration. You give people advice over and over again and each time they ignore it, it gets annoying and aggravating, you have to finally think about yourself and put an end to it. She put her foot down, and that’s what needs to be done. He’s got to realize that he’s messed up very, very much and needs to grow up for anyone to even think about accepting him again. Ive commented too much now oops sucks being mature 🤪


          How sociopathic do you have to be to not at all feel bad about hurting someone as kind and warm and loving as Tati? He needs serious help

          Twigggy M.

            Well said


              I don’t think it is right for Gabriel to chime in like that when Him and Tati aren’t friends. Like this is no place for him, just because he is friends with James, he is not friends with Tati so therefore, do not chime in like that because you don’t know Tatis side of the story.

              Ceara Bostick

                I have never seen someone GO OFF so elegantly and classy.

                Lawla Lawl

                  👏 #1 👏 Trending 👏

                  Nicky _21

                    Love you Tati❤️❤️

                    Amelie Isabella

                      Tati should have more subs than james❤️

                      Cherry Bomb

                        bye brother

                        Sí Mon

                          To somebody who doesn’t follow these people, like me, I’m having a really hard time understanding what this is even going on in this video. Can someone explain?


                            Sister suck

                            Irene Trepp

                              We need more people like you. Thank you! 💝

                              jmm LR

                                Woah #1 trending

                                Paul Gonz

                                  James spent 9 days thinking how he's gonna rock coachella with his butt out and didn't even cared about having to converse with you??? The audacity.

                                  Lydia Does Stuff

                                    I am so proud and inspired by your strength, empathy, and power

                                    NINA ROCHELLE

                                      Who else subscribed to Tati♥️

                                      Veronica Ann

                                        So glad i never subbed to him lol


                                          What happened? I don’t wanna watch this entire video LOL

                                          Joshua Quattrone

                                            James just spit in you

                                            What do you do?

                                            Tricia Karyl

                                              sister emma gray and ethan know this gonna happen 🤠

                                              Melike Turan


                                                James: It's ok I'm A CeLebRity

                                                Ruby Hoole

                                                  Wow James Charles’ video is pathetic compared to this

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