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    Welcome back! In this episode we welcome my husband Danny and our good friend Jordan. Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 GET MY COLOURPOP COLLABS HERE …

    McKenna Carr

    i hope this one is longer than a few minutes!

    Xx Xx

    I’m in the Netherlands and it is almost midnight here. I can’t watch it and am certainly not going to pay for it. It is ridiculous, as if you do not make enough money. We all have jobs to keep a decent living.

    Michelle Leuch

    YES DANNY!!!!!!

    Fede Hudson

    Please, change the time! It will be 3 in the morning where I live and I would like to see what it is and how it is to decide if pay for it 😭😭🖤🖤🖤

    Kourtney Honea


    Michelle Fox

    I wish I could watch theseee!

    Nakita Martin

    Bit annoyed that alot of people cant afford to watch this i love Kathleen and watching her videos make me happy but not being able to afford this sucks.

    Mary Beth Dew

    What will the talk be about this time? Favorite pizza toppings? 🙄

    Mckenzie Paddock

    Yessss!!! Let’s go I’m so ready hahaha! ❤️💕 love you!

    Karolyn Tarazona

    It’s free for the first hr right?

    Judith Colima

    Can't wait! 💕😊

    Kendall Stauber

    So excited! I have a reminder on and alarm set!!

    Sarah Jeane

    Tbh I feel since I cant afford to pay for all of these youtubers with the join button to get "exclusive" content, I'm out of the loop. I wont feel as close to her and her other subscribers who pay for these videos. I cant afford to pay for all of these subscriptions and now the people who are heavy supporters cant waitch content because we can afford it. I cant also stay up really late at night to watch these videos for free, only for an hour. That doesnt really make it up to me? Idk.

    Angélica Pérez Pulido

    Cant wait!!!


    ahhh can’t wait!

    ellie plotkin

    Love u Kathleen

    ellie plotkin

    Earliest comment

    Anne V.

    Looking forward to it!!!!!! 😃

    Anja R

    Please leave it free for a day , I can't watch it at 3pm and cant afford it.. I missed dany in your videos :))


    Whewww fortunately I work late tomorrow and I can wake up at 4 am! 💕😍💖

    Wendy Ponce

    I can’t wait!!

    Merrily Mari

    Just placed my last order on KL polish😭

    Merrily Mari


    GhosT Zombies

    Who ėlse ćłicked as soon às they got the ńotìfićàtioñ?!😂 BÙT IM ŚÜBŁÌÑG TO EVERYONĖ ŴHO ŁĪKÈŚ THIS AND ŚÜBŚ TO ME RÈPŁŶ ŴHĖŃ DŌŃÈ😊❤️

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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