Calories, Macros, Diet!? Come Grocery Shopping With Me + Food Prep

Main Calories, Macros, Diet!? Come Grocery Shopping With Me + Food Prep

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    Sarahs Day
      Calories, Macros, Diet!? Come Grocery Shopping With Me + Food Prep

      It wouldn’t be a true project comeback series without some grocery shopping and food prepping! Today I’m answering your questions on all things food, macros, …

      bianca bubu

        Sarah, you gorgeous mumma! Can you give us the outfit details, pls? Love those jeans so much 😍

        Jacinta Birbara

          You should use olive oil more often! much better for you than coconut oil

          jessika amaya

            you guys are family goals !! love y’all soo much!


              When is another poddy coming? 😍

              Grace Z

                How do you know all of this? 😅

                Amy Diston

                  The reason your roller is jade is because jade stone is traditionally very calming and soothing and good gives out good energy so affects your mood and skin!
                  P.s I use it when I perform facials, caudalie use it for their vineactiv facial ☺️

                  The Master Key

                    Pick & mix …..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


                      Yes ssplit!

                      piper cox

                        hi i saw you enjoy the carmens crackers and i was wondering if you have eaten the oat slice they make and if you think it is healthy xxx

                        Marie Butler

                          You're so inspirational. Thankyou so much

                          Marisa Jürgens

                            Hi there! I just wanted to comment: the supposingly Mexican food is normally Tex-Mex (from Texas). If you want to get an idea of real mx food check out the YouTube channel Jauja Cocina Mexicana. Even if it is in Spanish, you kind of understand anyway (I am half Mexican and half German btw 😉 ) and if you love tuna: check the recipe mx Cevíche! You will not eat your tuna any other way anymore! Yammi!!! 😉 let me know if you liked my suggestion of that channel, and if you found really good recipes 😉 (I bet you will) Blessings!

                            The Master Key

                              Stones & crystals have frequency. Maybe its about the frequency of the jade?

                              Gé L.

                                Yes, please ! To the workout split. 😊

                                E 6 4 9 8 Y

                                  It has been two months since last time I went to the gym
                                  EVERY LIKE Makes me excited

                                  Natalie Tonks

                                    Loved this vlog! Would love it if u could do more like this. Your food videos have helped me sooo much and give me inspiration

                                    Özüm Yılmaz

                                      Can next episode be arms workout please 🤗🤗


                                        Pro tip: leave some shopping bags in the car and/or even in the nappy bag. If you forget to put them in the car, put your keys on top of the bags next to the door. If you're without bags then ask someone in the produce section for a box. Or just pack everything back in the trolley- no one likes doing this and we learn to bring our bags everytime real quick haha

                                        Novila Brown

                                          Great idea to prep ingredients instead of meals! I have to try that!


                                            love love this video 💗


                                              Hey! Kale leaf can be 'tough' for babies. Maybe that's the problem with you. 🙂 Greetings from far away Serbia 🙂

                                              Mirjam Szabó

                                                You are truly amazing!!! You could use so many excuses not to work out, but you still go and do it, so well done! You are very inspiring.
                                                P.S Fox is unbelievably adorable💖

                                                Hannah Peterson

                                                  You and Kurt are my faves! You guys are seriously so cute!

                                                  E 6 4 9 8 Y

                                                    This video is what i need


                                                      Keep the roller in the fridge!

                                                      Becky’s Baggage

                                                        Omg I get so excited about that turkey too haha I live in Melbourne and woollies needs to get it together because mine is always sold out too! I count cals and it is such a big difference between the thigh and breast!

                                                        Emily Morrison

                                                          YESS!! Loving these 20 minute videos!!

                                                          Zoe Huang

                                                            Woolies or coles …… nah woolies 😂


                                                              Two hours ago was 6am here in UK I was not awake 😩❤️

                                                              Jane Ettia Jones

                                                                That’s is so disgusting to impersonate a Indian/Pakistan accent and your comments. Borderline racist and generalisation. So disgusted you would even put that in your video.

                                                                Shay Mccarty

                                                                  Yassss!!! Love love love 😍

                                                                  Yellow Rainbow

                                                                    Thirdly.. you're such a loud mouth controlling know-it-all and you're annoying AF. That guy is going to leave and your relationship will be over shortly. What a nightmare you clearly are

                                                                    Mia Little

                                                                      How do you get rid of scars on your skin?

                                                                      Talia Rose

                                                                        Do a mukbang

                                                                        Kate Dwyer

                                                                          Such a good video 💖. Your making me hungry with all the food in this video 😋

                                                                          Sharni Collins

                                                                            Kurt's teeth are looking so goooooood!

                                                                            Corinne Laing

                                                                              Hi Sarah, love your videos! Could you please make some recipes that don't include eggs (I'm trying to avoid them for acne but struggle to find recipes that are egg free, dairy free and gluten free, thank you!).

                                                                              Yellow Rainbow

                                                                                First of all, whatever works for you and Skin Care is not going to work for anyone else necessarily. Everyone has different TYPES OF SKIN problems based on different issues. You don't know if you have hormonal acne or acne related to another issue. You Don't know if it's an allergy to food, or hormones, or dirty skin. YOU'RE JUST GUESSING!! Stop telling people about your guests. You have no idea what you're doing or if it's working the hormones have texture skin problems or if what you're eating has fixed them. If it's hormonal or skin allergies say for example if you're allergic to chemicals in your products then washing your skin is not going to help. Other people do not need the same products or should not do the same thing necessarily that you're doing because their problems are going to be totally different than yours. Everyone's skin issues are different. Stop trying to direct people as though you have the answers. You don't . It could be just coincidental that your skin has healed . Has nothing to do with the washing LMAO! You Are Just guessing.. You could have good skin right now because hormonal reasons or because you're eating certain things that allergic to see you're not having any reactions right now. You HAVE NO IDEA! You cannot chalk it up to your skin care LMAO because you have no idea. At best all just a big guess and basically thats just called "broscience". Don't pretend you can tell other people how to solve their skin problems because yours are moody likely not solved by this washing or treating your face with lotions 😂😂😂. There are probably things that are going on within your body and those things are different for everyone. Secondly, skinny isn't FIT. That's the one thing I notice about you is you have no idea what FIT ACTUALLY is. Doing a lot of cardio, getting skinny & being obsessive with exercise bulimia is not Fitness is NOT a Fit Body. Skinny is not where it's at. You're always trying to focus on the wrong thing. Strong and healthy building your bone mass through weights is the way to Fitness

                                                                                Pernilla S

                                                                                  Does anyone know Sarahs skin brush brand??????? I am about to order one and dont know what one to purchase!


                                                                                    Hate having to suggest this since you love them so much, but there are a lot of people who are intolerant/sensitive to eggs and that could be what's causing Fox's sensitivity. It's a lot more likely than the apples or other veggies. Maybe try eliminating them for a while and see if it helps? Hope he feels better soon!

                                                                                    Mathilde Carlin

                                                                                      Loved this vlog ! ❤


                                                                                        what I eat in a day please! x


                                                                                          Sezzy, you said you are not buying apples or anything red for Fox. But apple cider vinegar is also made from apples, including red apples. He might be quite sensitive to this.


                                                                                            your baby is so quiet!😱 with my first baby we could not even talk to each other (my husband and I) because she was crying and screaming so often😥

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