Can This Product Stop Heels From Sinking In Grass?

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      Can This Product Stop Heels From Sinking In Grass?

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        I feel like these would be good for wedding photoshoots or just any photoshoot where you wear heals bc they would be discreet


          Chloe is gorgeous 😍.

          Hayley Shen

            unless you decrease the pressure by enlarging the surface area, no.

            Ticho Prado

              You’re just gonna fail.

              No, I proved them wrong and I passed.

              Jacked Barney

                whenever you walk in grass, walk with all your weight in your toes (but you’re bound to get tired eventually)

                Matthew Wilson

                  Heaven forbid you not wear heels. SIGH

                  my jungKOOKIE is so majesTAEc

                    When you ran out of ideas……..

                    Naomi Horner

                      I wish they made them in different colors. I feel like a tan stopper( for example) would blend in more with a tan heel than a clear one

                      Oompa Loompa

                        STOP STEALING JOJO'S GAME

                        Ariana fannn

                          i’m british and i don’t even know what a wally means 🤷🏽‍♀️

                          Gettin BeyWay

                            For the gravel part. You walked differently with and without the stopper. Without the stopper, you put your whole weight onto the heels in an angle too. With the stopper, you walked normal, you didn’t angle your heels. JS if I’m the only one who notice that.

                            Sarah Stuart

                              Remember when Buzzfeed was good?

                              A Rose With Thorns

                                am I the only one who likes the feeling of heels sinking into the grass?

                                Stephanie Masi

                                  How do y’all find the proper heel size to wear? I heard you have to go up 1/2 a size but is that true? I usually wear 3-4 inch heels

                                  D One

                                    I know how to stop heels from getting in grass. Stop wearing heels! They're so inpractical. No guy is gonna say "I thought she was rather striking until I noticed she wasnt wearing heels".


                                      The ultimate test is to find out how long the stoppers could stick with the heels, u know in reality we dont put them just because no concrete to walk on we will wear it all the way all day/night

                                      الشبح الأوحد

                                        NICE FACE THOT

                                        Pheriba Lopez

                                          Yes!!! I would wear them in the grass


                                            Anyone else get a Kath & Kim vibe from her humor sometimes?

                                            Ela Kg

                                              Nice heels


                                                I can confirm that it does not work well at all. At my brother's wedding, the maid of honor lost her left heel in the lawn despite wearing one of those things. She held her foot up through the entire ceremony to create the impression that she still had both shoes.

                                                Dilynne H.

                                                  Just freaking wear flats 🤷‍♀️

                                                  Sahar Varona

                                                    Gogo gadget heel stoppers!

                                                    Tomas Green

                                                      For hardwood it's more about not damaging the floor since heels can make lovely little potholes in wooden floors. 🙂

                                                      Sidney Seed

                                                        I think they could look kinda cute with the right heel

                                                        Star Cherry

                                                          You wouldn’t look silly with these on 😿

                                                          Constance Tremblay


                                                            Isabell Sundholm

                                                              Those heels😍😍


                                                                Lol in the thumbnail I thought she stepped on gum

                                                                Sally Page

                                                                  They have ones where when you walk on hard surfaces and twist they come off this way you can also share them with your pals

                                                                  Emily R

                                                                    i feel like this is beauty break but buzfeed…


                                                                      I would just use a non heels shoes to that kind of wedding, forget about the sinking heels i just dont want my heels got dirt especially if the grass is wet


                                                                        Hardwood… because we don't want your stupid heels damaging our hardwood floors.

                                                                        Jean From BeautyShopPH

                                                                          But then, not all heels fit in there. Like there’s a little thick heel.

                                                                          18LitaMarie Brang

                                                                            You could just as easily wear wedges or flats to that particular type of event or wedding. And what do you know- wedges and flats don’t sink in the ground.

                                                                            TREVOR MCKINLEY

                                                                              When you go into grass with heels you should flat foot that is when you put all the weight to the front of your heel and this way you can walk

                                                                              Where you were walking the correct way we want to walk flat foot which is the incorrect way for normal heel walking but not for walking in grass

                                                                              Mila’s Production


                                                                                I have No name

                                                                                  It would be easier to just wear wedges

                                                                                  Ee-Lynn Loong

                                                                                    They work because they increase the surface area of the heel. Since your weight stays the same, the pressure applied on the ground decreases causing the heel to not sink into the ground.

                                                                                    Bea A.

                                                                                      Are everyone forgetting about wedges here?


                                                                                        Sophie turner's Sister?


                                                                                          This is just silly, stupid, and no, I don't have a sense of humor at the moment. Stopped watching this at <1 minute in.

                                                                                          Angelena R.

                                                                                            So sad, she grass stained the heck out of her shoes. Also I rather just wear a chunkier heel than those

                                                                                            Shania Enderle


                                                                                              Winnie The Pooh

                                                                                                Or, just wear black boots or flat shoes to a grass wedding..

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