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    Wayne Goss
      Cancel Culture + Flawless Foundation Routine

      Beauty Trends that Need To Die in 2019 Links RCMA Cream Foundation Wayne Goss …

      Aldara Martos

        Beayty blender must be dump or not?

        rainbow feather

          Love your message at the beginning of the vid ♥

          Catharina Ell

            Thank You for this video. We say we want love, so I think we should spread love. Simple as that.

            urmi shukla

              Hi I am from India have seen almost all yours videos and honestly learnt a lot but never commented on any but today's video is different for me i would like to meet you for the amazing human being you are.


                Wayne Goss, the only one left to respect in the beauty community. Very well said!


                  So humble, so lovely, so gentleman, soooo Wayne! Love you for the way you are. A ray of light in the beauty community!

                  The Merz

                    Yes, mob of town's people, "Kill the Beast". Horrid. I fear these kinds of foundations. Feel like they will break me out…. Do you use a dry or wet beauty blender? Just in case I get brave. 😉 TY!

                    miss. catti

                      I really must say I just LOVE your kindness…. Sometimes I think we have to really reflect over our behavior… Kindness is the Thing 💕💕

                      Mai Desiderio


                        Marina Wakefield

                          Great video and great message! I totally agree! 😊👍


                            You’re not buffing nor blending with that “foundation” brush. You’re just packing product on one spot. This is just my observation.

                            Jep Peg

                              No truer words. I always used my beauty blender after applying my makeup. I’m so glad Wayne, THE makeup god is confirming for me! I love you Wayne!

                              Saranya Biswas

                                Respect 🙏🏻

                                Shayna Kapple

                                  Love your content always! Thank you for being genuine and kind.

                                  Quick question regarding working with the RCMA foundation: was your beauty blender dry or damp when you used it after the brush? Thank you in advance for your time. 💖


                                    Bravo! Always a class act Wayne, thank you for all that you do 😃😃😃

                                    Nikki A

                                      You are truly a class act! YOU'RE the one who deserves 10's of millions of subscribers. You are a beautiful soul in this dark, dark industry. I pray people start to heed your words. God bless!

                                      Sabrina Broderick

                                        Pure class 💜

                                        Really Nailed It

                                          You are the nicest, kindest and honest person in the beauty community ❤

                                          T R O Y

                                            Hello Wayne! I was wondering if you have a video, or could make a video – about the best foundation and the best technique to apply foundation to textured/scarred skin? I have had so much trouble with this for what feels like years now! I've tried many different sponges, brushes, primers and foundations and I can't seem to find the right combo of application tool, technique and foundation. Please help! ❤❤💋


                                              Thank you so much for addressing the chaos and ugliness in the beauty community. You are so amazing Wayne! I have been a subscriber for 10 years and it's videos like this that remind why I subscribed to you in the first place <3 Thank you for making the world a better place

                                              Super Star! JS

                                                Subliminal messages at 2:03 👀


                                                  Unfortunately, Wayne, bullying has always existed. Negative gossip, whisper campaigns, plotting and scheming has always been done. At least now it's out in the open.

                                                  Sadly, beauty is a lightening rod for ugliness. It's such a delicate thing. It is power. It is empowering to those who can possess or create it.

                                                  It is terrible for those who find it unattainable.

                                                  Your beautiful heart seeks beyond physical beauty to see the true nature of beauty. That it's not something to be possessed at all. It's an action.

                                                  It's an attainable choice. Thank you for expecting us all to make the choice to live beautifully.

                                                  Thank you for showing us how.

                                                  Lisa Locke

                                                    Wayne… the voice of reason on YouTube! ❤️

                                                    Soul Beats

                                                      you are my favorite 💜


                                                        Such a gentle soul! We need more of you in the world.

                                                        Tá mé ag bun an domhain

                                                          This technique has blown my mind

                                                          Girl 33

                                                            We are lucky to live in this age. I remember coming back from work, in 2008 and watching YouTube, that time it was not HD like it is now, and I don’t remember watching any makeup tutorials. Lightly applied makeup is the best.


                                                              Wayne – You are a wonderful teacher in so many ways. Your leadership on the bullying issue is much needed and I hope the beauty community heeds your words. Compassion makes people more beautiful than any makeup product. Keep up the inspiration! I think your great.

                                                              Crystal S

                                                                Reminds me why I subscribed to this channel, despite the fact I never really wear make-up!🥰

                                                                Corne Murray

                                                                  It's nice to see that the "old pros" still remember what the community is about. Love you Wayne!



                                                                    ❤️ you Wayne

                                                                    Erica Garner

                                                                      Wayyyyyyyyyne!!! This was so nice to watch you’re the best! I respect who you are SO much. You’re truly the change the BC needs!

                                                                      Saved Anyway Beyond The Book

                                                                        Precious Wayne love your thoughts, kindness and words of wisdom. In addition of course to all your phenomenal beauty tips. Thank you.
                                                                        Billions of blessings to you and much continued success in all you do!
                                                                        Your friend and fan.
                                                                        Deanna Chavez

                                                                        Dee Miranda

                                                                          Thank you!

                                                                          melissa gibbs

                                                                            I 100% agree with you. Seems like the beauty industry is mainly about drama & trying to destroy your "rivals". It's horrible. I wish more people would be like you – peaceful & well behaved.

                                                                            Bob White

                                                                              Wayne…You make me smile. So wise, and so kind. I offer a random unrelated question to the YouTube Universe: Has Wayne done a video on covering age spots? I am a 55 year old male middle school teacher who mows grass 3 hours a week in the summer on my property. In other words, I have some massive age spots on my face. I would look so much better with my age spots covered, but I will literally shrink if my students call me out in class for wearing makeup. Wayne is the expert I need to help me solve this problem. Thank You.

                                                                              Debra Roth

                                                                                I don't even know what happened. I'm really lost.

                                                                                E A

                                                                                  I’ve done that before and it keeps me from using excess foundation I loveeeee

                                                                                  Gillian Edgar

                                                                                    Love this x

                                                                                    Maryanne Moll

                                                                                      You are always a breath of fresh air in the beauty community.


                                                                                        You're a beautiful person. 💜

                                                                                        Christine Mack

                                                                                          Beautiful words to live by!!

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