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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Cancer Survivor Bride Feels Body Conscious When Trying on Dresses! | Say Yes To The Dress Ireland

      Siobhan has a lot of opinions when it comes to the wedding dresses that Franc has chosen, but will her entourage be able to find her a dress that will give her …

      Catarina Fonseca



          I love the Irish version of this show. I just wanna see them try on pretty dresses, idgaf about jealous sisters and friends or moms who think it’s their wedding.🙄 This version also has the prettiest dresses imo.

          Annointed One

            She looked fabulous the dress went perfect with her complexion and hair.

            Sonia Jaisingh

              Are there such nice people in this world as her fiance? Wow!!


                She’s hilarious! What a classy lady ❤️

                Smileyrie James

                  The 1st & 3rd dresses look gorgeous on her.

                  siobhan mcdowall

                    You are awesome Siobhan from a fellow Siobhan(from Stranraer Scotland) living in Canada

                    Kate RH

                      Much preferred the first — wide straps make your boobs look wide. But what a character – take no prisoners.

                      Jagruti Tripathy

                        And this video is going to be in my liked video list❤

                        Jagruti Tripathy

                          ThankGod she backed to that dress again… She looked amazing!

                          SOUMI MAJUMDER

                            I don't know about anything else but This is True love.

                            Georgia The Fabulous

                              "It's "Say Yes to the Dress!" Not an ad for "Should have gone to specsavers!" i died ahahah

                              Reb Ruc

                                Perfect dress, perfect couple!! Thx&see ya😁

                                Angelica Morales

                                  One of the worst brides ever! Very annoying! 😡😡😡

                                  Vanessa R

                                    So many positives.
                                    I love this bride to be. And her friend picked the best dress. And her friends were all honost, but not in the usual ugly, overpowering way.

                                    Jaspreet kaur

                                      It is the first thing I saw in the morning and my God the smile I had whole day seeing her…..♥️♥️

                                      Ruby Tuesday

                                        When she said at 4:41 she loved it, I literally squealed at 4:42 "IT HAS POCKETS!" she looks stunning in all them but that was my favourite

                                        French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning

                                          i disagree, I think when they said she looked lovely i think they meant it as she did haha. Love the second dress, I think she is hilarious but she is a touch rude to Franc haha

                                          Aditya Goushal

                                            she has a great attitude 😉

                                            Teresa Lonnie

                                              She looked absolutely breathtakingly beautiful in that dress. And I agree – no veil, the headpiece was gorgeous and just set it all off nicely. Her husband-to-be is a lucky man.

                                              Tori Eddy

                                                I like where she says "I want to take his breath away" because every single bride wants that. But… my dearest lady, you've already taken his breath away with your strength and wit. I wish this couple a happy, healthy long life together❤

                                                Andrea Alvey

                                                  I'm with the bride: I hate veils.

                                                  Violet Rain

                                                    So thankful she picked dress #3. It looks great on her

                                                    Melissa Southard

                                                      I hope she knows how incredibly beautiful she is in this dress and anything else she wears.


                                                        I think out of all the SYTTDs, this is my favorite bride, story, entourage…. and dress.

                                                        Pagalan Cathrene mae

                                                          I really like the gowns shown in SYTTD Ireland, great design and material 🤗🤗🤗🤗🎊

                                                          Mary Whipple

                                                            What is going on with the audio?

                                                            Grace Hill

                                                              For a 15 minute shower 300 litres of water is used.
                                                              That means that every 20 seconds a litre of water goes down the drain.

                                                              Jypmaknae Trash

                                                                Another episode. Thanks!!

                                                                Marcy Miller

                                                                  She looks gorgeous in all of them.

                                                                  Hannah Lovett

                                                                    I adore her! Lovely choice!

                                                                    Mallory Hiss

                                                                      The dress she picked is sensational! She looks astounding. Excited she made it through the tough times in her life so far. <3

                                                                      Fuzzy Feathers

                                                                        when the bride said… Its say yes to the dress, not an advertisement for I should of went to specsavers 😂

                                                                        Orijinal Geisha AsMaine

                                                                          She was made for that dress, and that dress was made for her! 😍

                                                                          Big Fella

                                                                            Wow this made me so happy they deserve so much happiness I hope she and him live happy healthy and together forever

                                                                            Zozo Ouija

                                                                              This bride's story is absolutely heart warming. And her fiancee is so kind and devoted!

                                                                              lisa black

                                                                                Absolutely my favorite SYTTD. So relaxing to watch brides and consultants w/o drama…love it

                                                                                Eleni Kourakou

                                                                                  I wish you the happiest life ever💕


                                                                                    The perfect choice!


                                                                                      I'm so glad that there are decent and kind people who will not walk away and leave you when times get rough. They are certainly rare but at least there's a little hope that maybe someday one can find one of them.

                                                                                      Rocio Dominguez

                                                                                        Is it me or did they just sounded like robots outta nowhere😂😭😭

                                                                                        Sonakshi Verma

                                                                                          Ireland version is the best

                                                                                          Flyingmartini Hurricane

                                                                                            Cheers to your special day. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness from one Cancer Thrivor to another!

                                                                                            mae javile

                                                                                              I like all the dresses she tried, it looks elegant on her…


                                                                                                This video should be reuploaded. The audio is all wonky.

                                                                                                Sai Shakthi

                                                                                                  Do you know why she chose that dress? It had pockets!!


                                                                                                    I pray that God, heals you completely and I know He will. You loooook soooo wonderful.


                                                                                                      Literally one of the most BEAUTIFUL BRIDES I’ve ever seen on this show!

                                                                                                      SULAIMAN ANSAR

                                                                                                        She got great sense of humor 😂

                                                                                                        Maria Edwards

                                                                                                          What a gorgeous woman inside and out

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