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      Celebrities Reveal Real Names You Never Knew

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      Twoin theKlink

        Dove Cameron is such a smokeshow😍😍😍😍


          I still dont know lady gagas names

          Jelena Torres

            my name is jelena i thought i was the only one team jelena!

            unicats can fly

              Billie eilash

              Cassandra Morrison

                Playwright Christopher Marlowe (author of plays like Doctor Faustus, and Tamerlane—see the film of Faustus starring Sir Richard Burton—the Welsh actor not the Explorer and Translator of The Arabian Nights and the Perfumed Garden of Sheikh Nefzawi among others) and his then wife Elizabeth Taylor as well as Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan on Doctor Who during Tom Baker's era) was also called Kit.

                Yaeli Fembotnikova

                  Man you butchered Nguyen so horribly…

                  Sreya Paul

                    What about Miley Cyrus and Zedd

                    Levell Sims

                      The craziest name is Belcales Alamanzar aka Cardi b (She chose that name bcuz either her parents or her friends idk Bacardi like the drink so she ditched the a and put the b at the end)

                      Kelsey rish

                        Did anybody else see how she’s following 666 people on insta

                        Dashia James

                          These celebrities got some long & awkward names.

                          Sunkissed Showers LPS

                            Jenny is definitely a vampire. There’s no way that she still looks 30.

                            Griffinclaw 4ever



                                Am I the only one who knew Billie’s real name?

                                EM MA

                                  You forgot dita von teese, Demi Lovato and Theo James.

                                  maru pok

                                    Cardi B's real name is still the craziest

                                    Belinda Enata

                                      I already knew the story of her father of Dove Cameron it’s a really sad story ❤️

                                      Vinay Mehta

                                        Billie eilish shocked me her name tho

                                        Mahin Noor

                                          You forgot a lot of people like Halsey, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Logic, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Emma Stone. I bet there are more of them though…

                                          Rene Peters

                                            I already knew about Billie and Dove.

                                            Kaitlyn Ratliff

                                              Nguyen is pronounced “win” lol

                                              Elizabeth Dorantes

                                                Harry Styles = Harold Styles
                                                Zayn Malik = Zain Malik

                                                Baby Killian

                                                  Pretty sure Nguyen is pronounced win or wen

                                                  Kenzie S0286

                                                    Hi random person looking at the comments

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