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      Celebrity Beauty Products That Were A Danger To Consumers

      Kylie Jenner, Jojo Siwa, and Jeffree Star Are Just A Few Celebs Whose Beauty Products Have Been Questioned. Subscribe: …


        Anyone use or buy any of these products? 👀

        Haleigh Gunselman

          I will never ever buy from Kylie or the Kardashian’s. I won’t support a BILLIONAIRE who produces shitty makeup and products and doesn’t have a return policy! And she is so basic with her packaging. You’d think she would put more money into her products but ohhhh wait…all she wants is the money. Will never support cheapskates who are rich asf!

          Masha Mitchell

            That model giselle is the most overrated human on earth. She is not attractive at all.

            Masha Mitchell

              Stop buying celebrity crap. Damn people are dumb.

              Jსst მnიthპr1

                Jaclyn immediately apologize to her fans?!? She’s still lying saying their 100% safe. Lol no that’s a BOLD FACED LIE🤥maybe you and ur company should fact check before you push lies. Youz sound just as bad as these shitty influencers. Delusional bull shit🙄
                And Kim’s extre filled alcohol perfume not only dangerous but it’s literally cheep shit. Hence all the alcohol in it.

                M Litvin

                  Never buy celebrity endorsed products OR made in China junk.

                  Dominique Z

                    also gwenyth paltrow sUcKs

                    Dominique Z

                      everyone loves jojo

                      Allens GayLife

                        jaclyn hill releases lip sticks



                          Jeffre star is the last person you would wanna see on that list (in my opinion)

                          Agents of Buzzfeed Unsolved

                            Imma stick to morphe
                            I DONT LIKE JEFFERY STAR THO

                            Sharon Imaobong

                              kardashian are always on talko

                              Sharon Imaobong

                                if Kylie Jenner is not on talko
                                I will never be surprised

                                Cheryln Kurz

                                  People have reactions to products. You can be allergic to any ingredient in even the highest quality product. Plenty of people use these products and have no reactions and no problems.
                                  Most of these celebrities just put their names on the products and aren’t the ones making the products, picking all the ingredients, or deciding on advertising.

                                  Cheryln Kurz

                                    I can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow! She turned into some weird lifestyle guru. She tells her followers to buy these super expensive products and experiences, like vagina steaming and that weird jade egg. Go back to naming kids stupid names!

                                    Audrina Montoya

                                      Jake paul

                                      Danni Ellis

                                        I will never ever buy anything from the Jenner’s or the Kardashian’s. jeffree star yea I will buy from him and I am so glad that Rihanna was not in this video. And I will never ever buy anything from Jaclyn hill her lipsticks look disgusting I was nearly 🤢 from
                                        Looking at the lipsticks I wanted to 🤮

                                        Alexandra Anita

                                          I though jefree are one of the best cosmetic but

                                          Alexandra Anita

                                            Lol so whats cosmetic that save good for us ????? Can u make it in next media …..

                                            Alexandra Anita

                                              I know jacklyn is extreme and danger

                                              Zita Kovács

                                                Jaclyn immediately apologized lol in which universe?

                                                pound bakery hoe

                                                  We all know the only reason this video came out is because of the Jaclyn Hill shit so they can get views

                                                  Jacqueline Robinson

                                                    I would never by anything from the kar-jen family ever or anything trump

                                                    casey kidwell

                                                      JH's lipsticks arent dangerous to use Yall are reaching now


                                                        Ok this one girl tryed the walnut scrub and she had a Allergy so

                                                        Ally _1119

                                                          I will never buy from the Kardashians or Jaclyn Hill

                                                          Sandra Braithwaite

                                                            ~cash me outside~ just started endorsing ATM machines


                                                              I just use natural products, they're much better and safe

                                                              Michelle Lee

                                                                Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty is amazing. I've used it for 5 years and it's erased a LOT of damage from natural aging, the sun, pollution and also from using products similar to these.

                                                                We not only need to do our own research on these brands but people don't always understand that these celebs often times have little to no actual hands-on involvement manufacturing these products. Their name is on it but they couldn't tell you what's in them… It's all about the cash…

                                                                rocsi ali

                                                                  Here I am buying most products from dollar tree totally fine and saving money

                                                                  BTS ARMY LISA

                                                                    I actually don’t know what the Kardashian’s did right honestly

                                                                    Ian Seels

                                                                      This video is a bit rude these accusations it’s only like 1 in a million people have a problem and you can’t please everyone

                                                                      Mr Vez

                                                                        I always have trust issue when it comes to skincare or makeup made by celebrities.

                                                                        L33DyA JKauR

                                                                          I dun now what to say …celebs are attracted to ppl who wants to love them… sorry all not going to help us thru good n bad moment. Dun trust ppl

                                                                          aarti sharma

                                                                            Just because they are famous just not mean there products are gonna be perfect .just stick to the original brands that actually know what they are doing n let those brands take there time n prove themselves ur body is not ment to experiment on.

                                                                            jade jadely

                                                                              My name is Jade

                                                                              Marisa Wilhite

                                                                                I’m early!!!!!

                                                                                Alejandra Romero

                                                                                  Cardi B


                                                                                    I knew that I had a reason for never wearing makeup…

                                                                                    Sonya Bowles

                                                                                      Sounds like Melania learned how to run a business from her husband. Not a shocker that her business failed before it started.

                                                                                      Clarisa AntiAgingDermatology

                                                                                        Walnuts scrubs destroys collagen fibers on your skin.. Terrible ingredient for skin

                                                                                        Get With The Glo

                                                                                          Um Jaclyn Hill is not a celebrity she is an influencer its a BIG difference!!!!! The problem with the beauty community is that large influencers think they are celebrities. Let not add to this delusional mindset please!!!!

                                                                                          Annie Alden

                                                                                            3:22 lmao no she didn't, where you been

                                                                                            Lisa M.Sosa

                                                                                              I would not buy from all of these that were shown

                                                                                              Carrie Schmidt

                                                                                                JoJo and Nickelodeon should have taken Jeffree 🌟’s advice on Claire’s being cancelled 😂


                                                                                                  but jojo cannot even be the one to blame, she didn’t make them😂.

                                                                                                  Ryan & Erik Kagy

                                                                                                    Is Jojo The new Hanna Montana?

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