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      Celebrity Myths That Everyone Believed To Be True

      Craziest Celebrity Rumors That People Still Believe Are True To This Day. Subscribe: …

      Milo ballz101

        When u said that chanel west coast was trans gender on your other video
        "10 Transgender celebrities we admire"

        That was hilarious lol

        Andrew guide to savings Guyana

          Wow I always think it was him

          Kyote 10

            Oh ya, poor, poor Megan Markle. SMDH 🤔

            Maki the Weirdo

              Mr. Rogers is best man u cannot deny or u are a foolish fool

              melanie bumpus

                Minkus!! Loved lee Norris on boy Meets World and one tree hill. That rumour is crazy lol


                  Wow! You just can’t make that $HIT up! 🤦🏼‍♀️ WAIT…🐮💩

                  Epa Chowdhry

                    Umm… hi? Idk

                    Susan Gruhlke

                      My mom told me that mr Rogers sold coke out of his sandbox!!😳


                        Lorde just looks old.. I mean come on!


                          I believed the 1st one

                          Savannah Shackelford

                            No bueno

                            Melanie Castro

                              Wait i actually though Avril died wat 😕😕😕😕

                              renae walk

                                Well there's only one thing wrong with the royal family and kids well when they ate dinner they wouldn't let kids set with there parents

                                Kenzi J

                                  I didn't know about the Meghan Markle pregnancy thing, because I've paid no attention to her since the wedding, but it's clear to me that people were saying that because she carried high. People absolutely don't know what to do with themselves if a pregnant woman's body doesn't look the way they think it should.

                                  V Persaud

                                    I believed the Lohan one. Lol. But not that Dramatic. I jus thought she had a twin.

                                    V Persaud

                                      44 bitter bitches. 😂

                                      Kiersten Simpson

                                        ok but the avril lavigne one ? like come on, u gave next to no information. when avril’s grandpa past, she became really depressed, since they were close. many believe she killed herself shortly after. since her music career at the time was doing great, those who profited off of her success decided to take her double, whom they used to confuse paparazzi and things like that, and have her take avril’s place. there was no “clone”. some people think her double took over her life. there have been videos on big changes in personality, and features. of course, some of these things change over time. i think before you decide what u believe in, u should gather all the facts.

                                        Gacha Gamer Leighton 124

                                          Uhhhhhh Elvis died bc he had to many sleeping pills and morning pills (cuz his schedule) and died

                                          nimco mohamud

                                            When your finally on time but don't know what to right

                                            Karen Berry

                                              Jennifer Lopez has a nice body until you see the body profile
                                              Her butt doesn't go with the rest of the body. Yeah I know there's big booty lovers out there but it just seems it doesn't go with their body

                                              Michelle Carl

                                                Why state don't believe everything you read but your channel is putting it out there!!

                                                Shh_stone Shh

                                                  I legit haven’t meant anyone who thought these were true.

                                                  Hello Alva

                                                    Wow these views are TERRIBLE😂😂😂

                                                    ella m

                                                      The thing about lady Gaga being born as a man

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