Chameleon Eye Make-up Look Using Just One Pigment

Main Chameleon Eye Make-up Look Using Just One Pigment

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    Lisa Eldridge
      Chameleon Eye Make-up Look Using Just One Pigment

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …

      Laurie Biegel

        Yes, do a tutorial on Cara's look.

        Linz See

          Sydney Grace also has shades like these and another women owned indy brand to support.

          Emily St. Jacques

            Yes I would love to see a video on the other look you’d done on Cara! Love your videos so much ❤️❤️❤️ they bring me so much peace

            Alisa Sepe

              Gorgeous I need those Pigments

              Ramona Lindsay

                Oh how I have missed you….beautiful!

                Diana Ruican

                  These pigments are amazing! So nice of you Lisa to promote small brands as well. I love the look!💗

                  Rahil Khoobroo

                    Great job as always ❤️😍


                      Also, can we please see some beauty makeup on a guy? I would love to see how you approach this for those of us who were born male but who want a more flawless glam / less cake-y look. It’s so hard to cover / make makeup last without using so much product.

                      TaeGi trash


                        Christine A Lucas

                          That eye shadow color reminds me of watermelon tourmaline – I just ordered a pot.

                          Catherine White

                            These colors ate gorgeous on you. I always learn something useful from you when a look is not for me. Thank you Lisa.

                            Kennisha Nightingale

                              Speaking of such pigments, there are amazing guys – Sigil Inspired Tammy Tanuka🧚🏻‍♀️Loads of beautiful chameleons and metallics, and what I just looove about them is that they name the pigments after fairytale characters and make the whole stories for them, so creative

                              Elisabeta Micske

                                WOW! Amazing color

                                Tatiana Lilian Alves de Oliveira

                                  Yes another tutorial of Cara's look!


                                    love u supporting an indie brand. would love to see more on your channel ❤

                                    Skylcharyb Christine

                                      So sorry to hear about your friends situation. I do hope everything will turn for the better for all of you. You never know what might happen to any of us. I hope your are able to find some comfort in your work and family and not see it as a burden.

                                      Loved your video. Colour always make me feel happy. I hope it might help you too

                                      Monica Villada

                                        Finally something more my vibe


                                          I’m so sorry for you and your friend ❤️


                                            Makeup genius! I do wish you would put up more looks using affordable makeup

                                            me myself

                                              Thanks for the video


                                                This color shift pigment will be the trend for fall and winter because of you!


                                                  I would love a tutorial on that Tye-Dye Cara Look! So pretty!

                                                  Mirjam Limburg


                                                    Olive Grove

                                                      Thank You 🙏
                                                      Lisa 🕊♥️
                                                      From the Southern Hemisphere 🌺🌸🌺
                                                      Our summer is just about to begin 🌸🌼🌸😉

                                                      Bai Langwang

                                                        Oh, I love this look! this pigment is fantastic <3

                                                        Claudia B

                                                          Placing an order right now 😻 Thank you Lisa. I hope we’ll see you more often on YT💕💕💕

                                                          The Fifth World



                                                              I brought an Aladdin inspired pallets recently can’t wait to play with the colours as they are similar to the ones you’ve used 💕✨

                                                              Pencilfriend Paperscribbler

                                                                So gorgeous with your hair colour!

                                                                Stevens Anazco

                                                                  the Dua Lipa look is everything please make a tutorial

                                                                  Paulina Bistuła

                                                                    I loooove that your rings are matching the pigment.


                                                                      Definetely wanna see a tutorial of te other look you did on Cara!

                                                                      Shanna McBride

                                                                        I’m so glad you found chaos and I’m sad cuz now they’re gonna run out 😂 !! Such a beautiful look on you Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to do a video 😉

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