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    Wayne Goss

      These are strange and good. Not a liquid lipstick. More than a gloss. But the pigment is insane! LINKS US UK SHOP …

      Noa Eylon

        Which lipgloss good for mature lips?

        jjj jjj

          Wayne, have you ever done a video on how to cover facial hair with make up?

          Joanne Killey

            … I bought Berry Nude and gorgeous colour and formula … my word though the smell and taste is disgusting so much so I returned no way could I have that taste on my lips 🤮


              Wow, love them. I need to try them out too. 🙂 Great Video!

              Cosmetics & Comedy

                If you want a perfumed tyre taste stuck in your mouth, go right ahead. It also won't stop transferring on the teeth. I bought Barely Nude a.k.a Reply Nude ha ha, and I wish I could get my 40 bucks back. I won't be supporting CT no more. Everything I've bought sucks. The concealer in the lightest shade in neutral No3 is too dark and burns the eye. The Magic Cream smells faintly like Ponds and is meh, the Pillowtalk lipstick gloss hybrid is greasy, the collagen lip gloss is pricey, the Clay Goddess mask is meh. The only thing I love is the Wonder Brows in Linda.

                ana ruiz

                  Will def try it

                  Miss toots

                    I love CT but those lippys did not look like they covered well

                    Koraljka Bakrač

                      I bought one and i hate it! Sticky, tacky, worst smell and taste, very hard to wear. It was a relief to take it of after 20 minutes. And if you have natural lips with natural wrinkles forget about that laquered finish. Maybe it's just me😕

                      Natalie Yuan


                        m. mulaty

                          Those names, men men, they are not really creative whit it. Slap an 70/80/90 ish popular name / sentence on it and go.


                            That's an awful product name. It sounds like a laxative pill.

                            JP M

                              No longevity? I’m out.

                              Ay B

                                Wayne looks especially kissable today. 😘


                                  That red… 😍

                                  A. Health & Beauty

                                    Such a cute ending! Haha 😘❤

                                    Patricia Rivas

                                      I always look forward to my Wayne videos. I don’t care for these colours. They are made for anyone but a “winter”. Maybe next time.

                                      Anastasia Bananastasia

                                        lové ur reviews pls keep them coming ! i’m living to hear your experiences♥️♥️♥️

                                        Chrissy8675309 C

                                          Do you catch yourself holding things as far away from your eyes that you can so you can read it? The first time I did I knew no matter how much I hated it I had become my mother😂😂😂😂😂


                                            I love them! Super comfortable and extremely pigmented. I have studio 64, & it’s gorgeous! I don’t know why people say they smell and taste bad, I haven’t experienced that with mine.

                                            melody DeBose

                                              You are so damn adorable!

                                              Rosa María Vélez

                                                I’ve been waiting for this review for ages!!! I love you!!!


                                                  Love ur videos, right to the point!

                                                  Elizabeth Ann ferrario

                                                    For Charlotte Tilbury they look to me awful , I dislike liquid lipstick anyway, pulse I bought several of her bullet lipsticks and to be honest they are all matte ,I will wear them but not my favourite! Sorry I adore charlottes products but these are not for me !

                                                    Dee LACalif

                                                      Awful smell! I loved the color but I couldn’t deal with the dirt Pachouli smell which is one of the ingredients. Tasted like dirt! I returned it to Sephora. I wish they’d reformulate without the smelly herbs! 😖

                                                      Aditi Karande

                                                        I'll be the judge of that 😂😂😂

                                                        Crystal McCoy

                                                          Fun fact: Wet & Wild has a liquid lip called video vixen that’s very similar. These are so pretty, thanks for sharing!

                                                          Tracy Hunter

                                                            Hi Wayne! Great video, I notice there wasn’t any pink ones to chose from. Your skin looks fabulous!

                                                            Briana Shaw

                                                              "do you want another shade?" 🥰🥰🥰🥰


                                                                Wish she had granted us a cool-toned color in this bunch!

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